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The Cotto Series is a color body porcelain that is produced to emulate old-world, cotto pavers. It is available in two rich, neutral tones. Multiple sizes are available, allowing numerous patterns to be created. The variety of seven decos can be used with either color to create an Old-World Spanish appearance. Because this material is a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required. When installing rectangular tiles 15 inches or longer with a staggered joint, it is recommended that the offset not exceed 33%. There can be noticeable variances between pieces, so it is important and recommended that a range of this product be viewed before finalizing a purchase. When mixing sizes within a series, shade, texture and calibration differences should be expected. This series is suitable for residential and commercial applications.

3"x12" SBN

C.O.F. Dry

Static: 0.78

C.O.F. Wet

Static: 0.69

P.E.I. Rating




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Product Type

Color Body Porcelain
Made in Italy


EspaƱa (HMC 11)
Italia (HMC 9)


2"x2" Mosaic

12"x12" Decos:
Cotto Cara Deco
Cotto Conejo Deco
Cotto Estrella Deco
Cotto Flora Deco
Cotto Forma Deco
Cotto Orla Deco
Cotto Vaso Deco

Numerous patterns can be created with the available sizes.

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