Volcanic Rock, El Teide National Park, Spain

Spectrus granite

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Green Soapstone is quarried from a bedrock quarry in Brazil. Soapstone has long been used for cooking pots in Brazil because it holds heats for long periods of time. Soapstone slabs are great for use as a countertop or around a fireplace. A hot pot can be placed directly on a soapstone countertop without concern of burning the surface. Since it is composed primarily of talc, the acids in foods used for everyday cooking will not etch or stain this stone. Soapstone can scratch; therefore, using a cutting board is required. Using an enhancer and sealer will bring out the natural color of soapstone. Soapstone needs to be sealed on a regular basis.




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Stone Type


*Available at select locations only


1-1/4" (3cm slab)

Complementary ProductsBacksplashes, Countertops and Floors