Bathroom Tiles with Grownup Sophistication

Posted on Oct 26, 2013
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Featured Image: Golden Gate Quartzite

If you have decided to update your bathroom from the kid-friendly, all-purpose design it has been, to a bathroom with grown-up sophistication – congratulations! We hope this will be a fun endeavor that leaves you with a retreat from the busy world.

A bathroom is one of the only rooms in the house that regularly gets splashed with water. It also often gets cleaned up with acidic cleaners and abrasive powders. So, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing tile that go beyond color and style.

Tile Finish

When considering tile for a bathroom, the first consideration has to be the finish. Avoid choosing a tile that will be slippery when wet. Porcelain tile has many great options – look for one with a good slip-resistance rating.  This is known as the Coefficient of Friction, or COF.  You can find the definition on our website.

If you want to use natural stone, consider a stone that can handle high water content without rusting (unless, you like the aged look!). You may love the look of slate, but slate will rust and oxidize. Quartzite is a natural stone that can withstand moisture.

Tile Maintenance

What is your cleaning style? Are you meticulous and have the time to take care of your bathroom surfaces? Or do you want something that requires little maintenance and is easy to clean? This is an important topic to discuss with your design specialist at Arizona Tile. We want you to have a product that you will be happy with and that will be the right fit for your cleaning style. Marble is beautiful, but it requires sealing, cleaners specifically made for marble and regular maintenance. This is a lot more upkeep than a say, a porcelain tile that just needs to be cleaned regularly. Both will be lovely in your bathroom, but which would you prefer?

Tile size

Tiny mosaics and large format tiles give very different looks – and they even can be combined in the same room to make a very sophisticated design statement. You may think that a larger tile will be easier to clean. But will that tile be safe to walk on when it is wet? Or do you need more grout lines, at least on the floor, for better traction? If you are set on choosing one large format tile for the entire bathroom, consider framing a smaller mosaic (in the same color) with your larger tile for added slip resistance in your shower area. Ask your consultant for advice on which tile to choose.

A little research and planning will give you a sophisticated bathroom that is sure to wow your guests. Be sure to ask lots of questions when you shop so you can make the best choice in tile for your bathroom walls, floors and shower area that will leave you happy for years to come.

Try out our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool and let us know what you think?

Better yet – pin your finished projects to Pinterest and put “@ArizonaTile – Tile Install” in the comment section so we can enjoy your creative handiwork too!

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