Marble Countertop Maintenance Tips

Posted 12/04/2020 by Arizona Tile

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Bianco Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Bianco Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile

So you’re the proud owner of some brand-new marble counters. Whether they’re the new statement piece of your kitchen or they’re gracing another space, marble is one of the most beautiful and luxurious surfaces to have in your home. You may be wondering how best to care for your new counters. Marble countertop maintenance is not difficult, but you do need to take care when cleaning it to ensure its original beauty lasts for many years.

Calacatta Gold Sealed Marble Kitchen Countertop form Arizona Tile
Image: Calacatta Gold Sealed Marble Kitchen Countertop form Arizona Tile

1. Prevent Stains & Damage from the Start

First and foremost, the easiest way to maintain your marble countertops is prevention. As much as possible, prevent stains, scratches and burns from happening by being careful with what you put on your counters. Here are a few important tips for keeping your marble clean, beautiful and stain-free:

  • Be sure to have your new marble counters, like our Calacatta Gold sealed with a high-quality, impregnating stone sealer. Unsealed marble is more prone to absorbing anything that spills on it, which can lead to faster staining. A quality sealer, on the other hand, penetrates into the marble to protect it while allowing the stone to breathe. Most sealers are reapplied every 1-3 years, or when you stop seeing water drops bead on the surface. 
  • Use extra caution to ensure acid-based foods and liquids do not spill on your stone counters. Even with sealed marble, acids like citrus fruit, tomatoes, coffee, juice and vinegar can etch the polish and leave acid burn, dull spots or other issues. Use cutting boards to prepare acidic ingredients, or pour acidic liquids over the sink rather than over the counter to lower the likelihood of spills.
  • Do not place hot pans directly on your marble counters. While natural stone is resistant to heat, repeat exposure to extreme heat can damage the sealer or polish on your marble. Use trivets to be safe.
  • Don’t cut foods directly on your marble countertops. You may have heard that natural stone is hard enough to withstand sharp knives, but that’s not true with marble. Use cutting boards to avoid scratching this beautiful stone.

Montclair White Satin Marble Vanity Countertop from Arizona Tile
Image: Montclair White Satin Marble Vanity Countertop from Arizona Tile

2. Clean Up Spills Immediately

Whether your marble countertops are sealed or not, an uncleaned spill can eventually “soak in” and leave a stain. This is why it’s imperative to clean up any spills as soon as you notice them, in order to avoid potential stains. The sooner you clean a spill, the better your chance of preventing a permanent stain, so you can help ensure your marble’s longevity, like our Montclair White Satin.

Fantasy Ocean Marble Bathroom Countertop from Arizona Tile
Image: Fantasy Ocean Marble Bathroom Countertop from Arizona Tile

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals & Cleaners

All natural stone, no matter the type, color or finish, is sensitive to harsh chemicals. To ensure your marble countertops continue looking their best for years to come, it’s important to take care with the products you use. When cleaning marble counters, like Fantasy Ocean, use simply warm water and a soft cloth to wipe up spills whenever possible. For tougher messes, we recommend using a pH-balanced cleanser or marble-specific cleaning product, then rinsing and drying the area.

Remember to avoid products that are acidic or abrasive, as these will erode, scratch or stain your marble countertops. Products and ingredients to avoid include:

  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Lemon juice
  • Glass cleaner or ammonia
  • Grout cleaner
  • Scouring powders or creams

With these maintenance tips in mind, keeping your marble clean and beautiful can be simple and oh-so worth it. You’ll enjoy your marble countertops for many years to come when you take great care of them with these recommendations.