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Mudroom Entryways

  • Mudroom Tile Ideas, 11 Dec 2020

    Marrakesh Grey Matte Mix Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
     Featured Image: Marrakesh Grey Matte Mix Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

    There are a few key aspects of a well-designed mudroom. In addition to a tidy shoe storage area, coat hooks and a place to sit and remove muddy boots, the room’s flooring material should be carefully chosen. If you’re renovating your mudroom, floor tile that’s durable and easy to clean should be at the top of your to-do list. Let’s talk about the best mudroom tile ideas for this workhorse of a room.

  • Best Kid-Friendly Tile Flooring Options, 01 Feb 2017

    Emerald Green Quartzite by Arizona Tile

    Featured Image: Porcelain Tile Living Room

    As a parent, you know how rough children can be on carpet and hardwood floors.

  • Tile Pet Showers for Mudrooms & Garages, 16 May 2015

    Featured Image:  Slate Tile used in a Pet Shower     Once You See a Pet Shower - You'll Wonder How You Have Ever Lived Without One! If bathing your dog in your bathtub or outside has become too much of a chore, installing a pet shower may be a great home improvement project to tackle. Garages and mudrooms are popular locations for pet showers, as they provide a convenient and easy way to clean pets before they can track dirt inside. For an inspiration of ideas, be sure to check ou...

  • Tile Rugs that Rock!, 27 Dec 2014

    Featured Image: Backyard Patio Tile Rug from Southern Living Magazine Rug Design Tiles from Martha Stewart   A truly great and aesthetically appealing design idea for a tile floor project is a tile rug. With this design, tile is used to create a “rug” by making an outside border around an inside design. To give the appearance of an actual rug, the design should be different in size, pattern or material than the rest of the floor. Customize Your Tile Rug to Match Your Style You...

  • Mudroom Entryways with Style, 09 Aug 2014

    Featured Image:  Mud/Laundry Room featuring Natural Stone Tile by Peace Design on Houzz When you think “mudroom” you probably think about wet, rainy and slushy weather, i.e. winter and spring. But even in the summer, when visits to the beach or pool and long walks with the dog are more commonplace, a mudroom just makes sense from a cleaning standpoint. Lets face it, any parent (of the kid or furry variety) wishes they had a place to take off the muddy-sandy-wet-dirty things, and in a dream situ...