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  • Subway Tiles – More Than Basic White, 15 Nov 2017

    Bevel Subway Black Tile from Arizona Tile
    Featured Image: Bevel Subway Black Tile from Arizona Tile

    When it comes to choosing the perfect tile for your kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners opt for the timeless, versatile, still-popular look of subway tile. When you think of subway tile, you’re probably imagining the traditional, gleaming white subway tile that dates back to the 1900s. While white is certainly a beautiful option, subway tile comes in a vast range of color—and even different patterns—that each can add distinctive character to your space. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite subway tile looks to inspire your next tile project.

  • Tile Pet Showers for Mudrooms & Garages, 16 May 2015

    Featured Image:  Slate Tile used in a Pet Shower   Elegant Pet Shower with Subway Tiles Once You See a Pet Shower - You'll Wonder How You Have Ever Lived Without One! If bathing your dog in your bathtub or outside has become too much of a chore, installing a pet shower may be a great home improvement project to tackle. Garages and mudrooms are popular locations for pet showers, as they provide a convenient and easy way to clean pets before they can track dirt inside. For an inspir...

  • 5 Uniquely Fabulous Uses for Tile, 25 Apr 2015

    Cementine Black and White Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile
    Featured Image: Cementine Black and White Porcelain Tile


    With so many gorgeous tiles available in various styles, it’s no surprise that tile has been discovered as a source for interior design projects beyond the usual floors and countertops. Here are five less traditional and fun ways tile can be used to add unique style to your home.  Be sure to check out our AZ Tile Pinterest Boards for tons of tile ideas!

  • Classic Designs That Never Go Out Of Style, 29 Nov 2014

    Design trends come and go and the last thing anyone wants, especially when it comes to home remodeling projects, is to spend time and money on something that will quickly lose its luster. Here are some design elements that are timeless and will never go out of style. Go with any of these designs and you will enjoy a beautiful, inviting space for a long time. White Color Scheme White always remains stylish and continues to be one of the most popular color schemes. It serves as a wonderful ca...

  • Classic Tile Neutrals That Last, 19 Jul 2014

    Featured Image: Sandstone Light Grey Porcelain There are some patterns and designs which seem to never go out of style. Interestingly, it is the same with colors, especially neutral shades. Perhaps it’s the earthy colors such as ecru, rust, and mocha simply resonate on a very primal level. Maybe it’s merely how neutrals look fabulous with almost any type of décor. Whatever the reason, if you’re redesigning a powder room, atrium, patio or kitchen, you cannot go wrong with neutral tile choices. ...

  • Bathrooms to Make Kids Shine, 24 May 2014

    If you are designing a bathroom for kids and have spent any time on Pinterest looking for inspiration, you have seen this bathroom. Star Wars Shower Tiles While this design is inspiring, it probably is more complex than most do-it-yourselfers can handle. It is also not the most practical design. Let’s not discuss resale considerations either – a buyer will either love it or turn and walk away. If you are thinking about a kid’s bathroom, the best option is something that is neu...

  • Classic White Tile Kitchens, 17 May 2014

    You see it in every design magazine and on every design show – the classic white kitchen. It is the high-end décor equivalent to the little black dress. You often hear designers say that they choose an all white design because it never goes out of style, to give their eyes rest from the constant bombardment of color or simply because it is so easy to keep looking clean (that’s what they say anyway…) Often times, you may look at that upscale design and think, “That...

  • Subway Tile - Not Just for the A Train Anymore!, 27 Jul 2013

    Featured Image:  H-Line Series Subway Tile Subway Tile - Classic White & Black Back in the early 1900’s when the New York City Subway was unveiled, the tiles used brightened up the underground transit system. What a great choice to brighten a tunnel with white tile! This simple rectangular tile with dark grout featuring station location names in brightly colored mosaics was immediately a hit in bathrooms and kitchens across America. Today, this tile remains a classic style. It’s an easy...

  • Tile Design: Achieving White Space, 15 Jun 2013

    *Feature Image Above:  Shimmer Mosaic Pearl Glass Tile    White space - a place for the eye to rest. White Space can bring peace to your overall design, or give visual punch to a specific feature. Subway Tile - Classic White & Black  So how do you incorporate this design concept into your décor when you are using tile? Let’s begin with a tile that is extremely popular these days and just happens to come in white – Subway Tile. Subway tile is a fixture ...