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CityLife Series

Citylife is an Italian-Made, rectified, color-body porcelain tile. This series has a gentle surface texture reminiscent of Venetian plaster or leather.


Completa Series

Our Completa Series boats 13 beautiful patterns available in 6 honed marble colors. This series gives you a high-end custom look at an affordable price point!


The Beauty and History of White Marble

Marble can be a beautiful option for your kitchen or bathroom install. Understanding the history of marble as well as the care and maintenance required sets you up for success when deciding whether to use this beautiful material in your next project!


How to Properly Maintain Your Countertops

In this video, we’ll tell you how to maintain your new countertops. Whether you have granite, quartzite, quartz, or marble – this video will arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your slabs looking their best!


Slab Spotlight: Fantasy Zebra Marble

Fantasy Zebra is a marble from northern India. It is characterized by bold white veining cascading about a luxurious black backdrop. The flowing appearance of the veins gives the material a uniquely artistic appeal, with no two slabs exactly alike. It is such a hard marble, that it...


The Facts about Granite, Quartz and Quartzite

We understand that choosing the right material for your project can be overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be! This video is a guide to gain a better understanding of the differences between granite, quartz and quartzite and help you make the right choice.


Feature Stone: Granite

Granite is a beautiful and timeless product of nature. It’s quarried all around the world and cut into slabs that display a unique movement of color, pattern, and texture. Granite is formed in the earth through intense pressure and heat and is therefore extremely hard and durable. This...


Cementine Black & White Porcelain

Cementine Black and White porcelain decos are made in Italy and provide the charm and elegance of a vintage effect. As porcelain tiles, they require minimal maintenance. They are available in five unique 8×8 tile designs, plus a mix.


Reside Porcelain Tile

Reside rectified color body porcelain tile is made in Italy. As a porcelain tile, it requires minimal maintenance. It is available in 2 sizes, 2×2 mosaic tiles and a stack.


Fusion Porcelain Tile

Fusion rectified color body porcelain is made in Italy and has recycled content. It provides a clean, industrial look and requires minimal maintenance. It is available in 2 sizes, 2×2 mosaic tiles and stack.


Smooth Ceramic Tile

Smooth is a ceramic tile. It is available in 2 subway tile sizes and a pencil bullnose.


Digitalart Porcelain Tile

Digitalart is a rectified color body porcelain that gives the appearance of a fabric and has a rich texture.


Castle Brick Porcelain Tile

Castle Brick offers five colors with beautiful variety, plus a coordinating corner piece provides increased flexibility for design applications. As a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required. Visit our website @


Della Terra® Quartz

Della Terra® Quartz surfaces are a blend of nature and technology, resulting in easy care and color consistency. Arizona Tile offers this innovative surface as part of our superior residential and commercial line of quartz slabs. Visit our website:


Tile and Its Many Benefits

Did you know tile is recyclable, long-lasting, easy to clean and more? These are just a few of the benefits of tile.


Chymia Porcelain

Chymia evokes the alchemical process of raw material. The collection consists of a series that fluctuates between the discipline of graphic design and the expressive gestures of mark-making as well as between the two extremes of black and white, in which symbols and textures are combined to create...


Slab Selection Process

Selecting slabs can be a daunting task. Arizona Tile makes it an easy and fun process.


Order Samples and Curbside Pick Up

How to order complimentary samples and pick them up curbside


Viewing and Selecting Natural Stone Slabs at Arizona Tile in Miramar

What can you expect when you visit an Arizona Tile Slab Warehouse to view and select natural stone slabs? What safety precautions are taken?


Live from Arizona Tile in Scottsdale

Roland Arnold, Arizona Tile Sales Rep, works with customers at our Scottsdale location and looks forward to visiting his accounts again soon.


Virtual Appointments at Arizona Tile

What should you expect during a virtual appointment with Arizona Tile? We’ll explain!


Tile Trends at KBIS 2020

Arizona Tile’s trends for 2020 including large format, textured tile, geometric shapes and tiles, as well as patterned tiles. So much to see in our booth at KBIS 2020!


The Transformation of Granite: From Quarry to Your Countertop | Arizona Tile

Natural stone slabs are a beautiful and natural work of art. They’re a durable and stunning addition to any home! Learn how granite slabs are cut from blocks to countertop thickness. Whether you’re building your dream kitchen, renovating an older space, or planning the addition of an outdoor...