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Slab Spotlight Beverly Blue Satin Quartzite

Arizona Tile Slab Spotlight – Beverly Blue Satin is a cool grey quartzite with undertones of blue and a satin finish. This celestial backdrop is accented by striking gold and burgundy veining, scattered throughout.


Slab Spotlight: Calacatta Jubilee and New Venatino Grey

Calacatta Jubilee is a bright white quartz with distinctive “veins” strewn throughout. This grey veining pattern sweeps across its white backdrop, giving the material the appearance of natural stone. New Venatino Grey is a white quartz with cool undertones. Its grey “veining” sweeps across its white backdrop, giving...


Chymia Series

Arizona Tile’s Director of Italian Design, Ivano, and Co-Founder and Sales Director of Mutina, Michele, introduce our newest porcelain tile series – Chymia. Chymia evokes the alchemical process of raw material. The collection consists of a series that fluctuates between the discipline of graphic design and the expressive...


Feature Stone: Granite

Granite is a beautiful and timeless product of nature. It’s quarried all around the world and cut into slabs that display a unique movement of color, pattern, and texture. Granite is formed in the earth through intense pressure and heat and is therefore extremely hard and durable. This...


Feature Stone: Quartzite

Attractive quartzite slabs bring magnificence and durability to every room and space. Featured for centuries on flooring surfaces, today innovative designers have used it to create strikingly beautiful décor on a variety of indoor surfaces. Quartzite remains an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, or anywhere your imagination can...