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Featured Image:  Natural Stone Outdoor Fireplace from Better Homes & Gardens

Do Pinterest and HGTV have you dreaming about an outdoor fireplace? A beautiful area in your yard to sit back and enjoy the seasons, entertain friends and maybe even cook some pizza not only adds a useful area to your outdoor space but also adds in resale value of your home. So it is not only an investment in your property, it is an investment in your family life.  3D Stack Noce Honed & Scabos Split Tiles It isn’t as hard as it looks to build an outdoor fireplace. If you are a do-it-yourselfer with some tiling experience, you can get kits from the simple to complex – so be sure to get one that fits your expertise as well as your budget. The interior frame is built for you. Once you assemble the frame, all you have to do is apply the tile of your choice to finish the fireplace and make the perfect statement piece for your yard. Choosing the right tile is pretty simple. You just need to look for a heat-resistant tile that can withstand the temperatures that a fireplace will produce. Your best bet is using Natural Stone because it comes from the Earth and often is a product of intense pressure and heat. Visit Arizona Tile’s Natural Stone Gallery. Golden Gate Quartzite Tile Golden Gate Quartzite is a metamorphic stone that evolved from Sandstone. Because of this unique quality, it lacks the iron content that you see in other natural stone, which so often rusts when exposed to moisture. It can also handle the freeze-thaw settings, which is why this product is ideal for outdoor fireplaces, pools and patios, but also steam showers and bathroom use.Dome Brown Porcelain Tiles Travertine is beautiful and looks very rustic when cut into our 3-D Mesh Stack. The uneven layout adds a dynamic texture that is perfect for an outdoor fireplace. The pattern will look like you spent hours upon hours alternating the precisely cut stone. Instead, we did all the work and you simply apply it as you would any tile that has a mesh sheet backing. If you want to avoid natural stone for ecological reasons, porcelain is an excellent option. The Dome Series is a color-body porcelain product that is made to look like it has the veining of a natural stone but consists of 40% recycled content. If you need more inspiration, please head on over to our Hot Fireplaces board on Pinterest and while you are there follow us for more tile-y inspiration!

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