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3 Best Cookout Foods for Backyard Fire Pits

Posted on Aug 13, 2016
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Old Fashioned BBQ Pit
Featured Image: Old Fashioned BBQ Pit

Whether you’ve just installed a gorgeous new fire pit and can’t wait to try it out, or you’ve been looking for a reason to dust off your old fire pit this year, one thing’s for sure: cooking over an open flame is a quintessential summer pastime. Even if you’re only planning to build a new backyard fire pit this summer, make the most of it with these three top cookout foods.


#1: Kebabs

The options are endless when it comes to fire-roasted or grilled meals on a skewer. Experiment with one or more of the following ideas for kebabs that are easy to make and even easier to cook over your fire pit’s open flame:

-Chunks of fresh salmon with lemon wedges, sprinkled with your favorite herbs, are light and summery
-Chicken with bell peppers and tangy pineapple pieces are perfect for a summer soiree or tropical-themed party
-Whole mushrooms, grap tomatoes, zucchini and large pieces of red onion marinated in Italian dressing make great vegetarian kebabs
-Skirt steak, chunks of boiled potato and asparagus segments are a heartier option perfect for chilly autumn evenings


#2: Pie Iron Treats

Pie irons are a useful, versatile tool for creating a variety of fire pit entrees and desserts — not just pies. Try out these recipes for easy, tasty cookout treats:

-Grilled cheese: Use your favorite cheeses and unique fillings, like tomato slices and fresh basil, layered between buttered bread for a fun spin on this delicious classic.
-French toast: Dip thick slices of bread into a mixture of beaten eggs, milk and cinnamon, and cook them in a pie iron coated in non-stick spray.
-Quesadillas: Cut tortillas to fit your pie iron, and fill with shredded cheese, diced onions and your choice of black beans or pre-cooked meat

fire pit


#3: Classic Fire Pit Fare

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with savory classics that are just meant to be cooked over the flames. Traditional fire pit fare includes:

-Hot dogs or bratwurst
-Grilled chicken
-BBQ ribs


Fire Pit Designs for Outdoor Cooking

Trying to design the prefect fire pit for cooking outdoors? Here are some tips to ensure your brand-new fire pit is ideal for summer cookouts:

  • A fire pit placed beneath a gazebo or veranda allows you to grill outside even when it’s raining
  • Sunken fire pits that are built right into your patio lend a natural look and can be very versatile when in use
  • Round fire pit designs are conducive to more intimate seating arrangements and party conversation
  • No matter the size, shape or material you choose for your backyard fire pit, ensure the top surface is even and level enough to hold grill grates for cooking


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