3 Ways to Use Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year in Your Home

Posted on Feb 27, 2017
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Featured Image: Emerald Green Quartzite by Arizona Tile

PANTONE recently announced their selection for Color of the Year 2017: a fresh, springtime hue called Greenery. Soft and natural, Greenery would make a lush, inviting interior home color to any room. Use this trending color in one of these three ways to bring a refreshing touch into your décor.

#1: Walls

This lovely spring green is a great wall color choice to work into home interior color schemes for a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Greenery pairs well with a number of other colors and can be used to create a relaxing or bright atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for virtually any design theme or style. Here are just a few ideas for gorgeous color palettes to pair with Greenery:

  • Pastel: lilac gray, cream, coral, taupe and seafoam green
  • Soft: warm gray, powder blue, tea green and champagne
  • Natural: gold, caramel, mahogany, moss green, tan and charcoal
  • Ocean: teal, sky blue, gray-green, gunmetal, mint, sand and slate gray
  • Bold: plum, brick red, turquoise, goldenrod and pink

Experiment with other pairings as well—it may surprise you to find that Greenery and similar hues can be used to create varied effects in your home. Whether you prefer a calm palette, more striking tones or simple, natural neutrals, Greenery has a place in almost any modern house.

#2: Tile

If you’re already happy with the paint colors in your home, make a statement by choosing a tile option that’s infused with this crisp yet calming color. The Arizona Tile collection features a range of options that can bring a touch of refreshing green into your home. From emerald green quartzite and rain forest green marble to jewel mélange glass stack, there are plenty of tile and slab choices that highlight natural hues similar to Greenery. Here are a few ideas to help inspire a green tile project:

  • Upgrade your countertops with slab that contains a touch of green. This look is the perfect complement to an all-white or modern farmhouse-style kitchen.
  • Bring a calm warmth to your bathroom with glass stack in shades of green and brown. Intricate glass tiles pair well with subway tile and are a simple way to add flair to a clean, stylish shower or tub surround.
  • Slate or stackstone is available in earth tones that often contain touches of green. In a room with walls in Greenery, try a slate floor or stackstone fireplace design for a beautiful effect.
Image: Rain Forest Green Marble by Arizona Tile

#3: Accents

Finally, Greenery is a great choice for an accent color. A small amount of this color is a good way to give life to a neutral room. This versatile tone can pair well with a variety of colors, from deep browns to khaki, tan, gold, cream and warm or cool gray. If a neutral-toned room is feeling a bit bland, here are a couple of ways to use Greenery to add touches of vitality and warmth:

  • A wooden dresser, coffee table or chair can be painted in Greenery and then distressed for a chic look.
  • Choose green throw pillows, vases, picture frames and other decorative items to liven up a monochromatic room in a modern way.
  • Find or make wall art that features green tones.

No matter how you choose to use Greenery or a similar color in your home’s design, this cheerful, modern color is sure to add a stylish and bright touch to any room.

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