4 Quartzite Countertop Ideas that Make a Memorable Impression

Posted on Mar 13, 2020
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Featured Image: Taj Mahal Quartzite Kitchen Island Countertop from Arizona Tile

Looking to make a statement in your kitchen, bathroom or other space? Quartzite offers a range of very different, unusual and often bold patterns and colors, so it’s a great choice for a homeowner who wants their stone installation to stand out. Let’s explore what this unique stone has to offer, and take a look at several of our favorite looks using quartzite.

What is Quartzite?

Not to be confused with quartz, which is a type of man-made slab, quartzite is mined from the earth in blocks, just like other natural stones such as marble and granite. Quartzite is formed in the earth by immense pressure and heat, creating a very hard stone that’s even more durable than granite. The process also creates a stunning range of colors, patterns and veins, making quartzite a particularly unique and one-of-a-kind stone for your home.

#1: Quartzite that Looks Like Marble

Many varieties of quartzite are white or cream in color with gray or tan veins similar to marble. Taj Mahal, a Brazilian quartzite, features gold-toned veining reminiscent of Italian Calacatta marble. The perfect complement to a white or earth toned kitchen or bathroom, this warm and luxurious quartzite offers a chic, timeless and one-of-a-kind look. And since quartzite is a harder and more durable stone than marble, it’s a practical choice with lower maintenance needs.

Image: Fusion Quartzite Slab Close Up from Arizona Tile

#2: Bold Quartzite Colors

Many varieties of quartzite are colorful, dramatic and unexpected, like works of abstract art created by nature. Here are a few of our favorite bolder quartzite options:

  • Fusion offers a range of colors, including blue-grey, gold, green and rust, and a diverse, varied pattern that means no two slabs are the same.
Image: Cristallo Citrino Quartzite Slab Close Up from Arizona Tile
  • Cristallo Citrino is a stunningly unique quartzite with a background of milky white quartz covered in an organic pattern of striking copper-toned veins and lines.
Image: Beverly Blue Quartzite Slab Close Up from Arizona Tile
  • Beverly Blue is a cool grey quartzite with undertones and accents of blue, gold, burgundy and cream. The striking pattern features a mix of sweeping veins and sharp lines.

Each of these unusual natural stones would make a gorgeous, artistic statement piece.

#3: Satin Quartzite

For a look that’s softer than the traditional polished natural stone, look for quartzite with a satin finish. Varieties like Calacatta Taupe Satin and Blue Tahoe Satin feature a smooth, honed surface that reflects less light. If you’re aiming for a more natural (and less shiny) finish, this is a great option.

Image: Mercury Quartzite Slab Close Up from Arizona Tile

#4: Linear Quartzite Patterns

Another unique feature of some varieties of quartzite is their unusual linear pattern. Straight blue-grey lines sweep across the white background of Mercury, for example, giving a sleek and contemporary look to this striking stone. Macaubus White has the classic look of vein-cut Italian marble, with unique veins resembling pencil lines. The cool grey Nickel quartzite has areas of beautiful linear veining as well.

To get the full effect of quartzite’s beauty, come see our slabs face-to-face at your nearest Arizona Tile location.

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