4 Ways That Quartz Countertops Rock

Posted on Dec 26, 2017
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Featured Image: Steel Della Terra Quartz Countertop From Arizona Tile

The immense—and still rising—popularity of white quartz countertops is something that can’t be denied. We’re seeing gorgeous quartz slab in homes everywhere, and it’s no surprise—its list of advantages over other countertop materials is long. As 2017 comes to an end, it’s looking like this trend is here to stay. If you’re putting plans into motion for a 2018 remodel, here are a few reasons why quartz countertops should be at the top of your list.

#4: They’re Ultra-Durable

Conveniently resistant to chips, stains and scratches, quartz is one of the best countertop options for your busy kitchen. With its durable, scratch-resistant nature and dense composition, quartz slab is a high-performance material that’s ideal for heavy traffic areas. If your existing countertops are prone to staining, fading or wear, an upgrade to quartz might be in store, in order to keep your kitchen looking its best for years to come.

Image: Oceana Della Terra Quartz Countertop From Arizona Tile

#3: They’re Low-Maintenance

Unlike natural stone slab, quartz countertops are engineered using quartz crystals and other materials, making them strong and non-porous. As a result, quartz slab is incredibly hygienic and easy to clean and care for. Our Oceana Della Terra Quartz, for example, doesn’t require regular sealing or special maintenance to keep it at peak performance. Simply wipe up messes with a damp cloth, and use a nonabrasive, mild detergent for deeper cleaning. If you don’t have the time for natural stone’s upkeep, quartz is your answer.

#2: They’re Versatile

One of the most popular ways to use white quartz countertops is to incorporate them into an all-white or white-and-gray kitchen color scheme. Bright, airy and simple, it’s no wonder homeowners love the look of white kitchens and bathrooms. However, white quartz slab is still a great choice even if you don’t plan to go the all-white route. For a standout look, make your white countertops the true star by pairing them with contrasting colors and surfaces elsewhere in your design. They can brighten up the rich wood cabinets or deeper wall colors of a dark kitchen, or add a timeless touch to a colorful design.

Image: New Carrara Della Terra Quartz Countertop From Arizona Tile

#1: They’re Beautiful

There’s no denying the subtle, classic beauty of white marble-look countertops. The stunning New Carrara quartz features beautiful veining that resembles real Carrara marble, while our Bella Statuario has more prominent veins for a bolder marble-look appearance. Just like actual marble, quartz can give your space a unique character and personality. And with a smooth, understated appearance, it’s not a style you’re likely to become tired of as the years go by. Regardless of your home décor style, white quartz is almost sure to complement some aspect of your kitchen or bathroom design.

All things considered, we’re confident that quartz countertops are here to stay. Envision how your favorite quartz slab will look in your kitchen with our Just Imagine Visualizer.

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