5 Poolside Landscaping and Hardscaping Ideas

Posted on Jul 30, 2016
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Featured Image: Traditional Pool
Featured Image: Traditional Pool

Are you looking for creative, stylish poolside landscaping ideas? Take inspiration from these five styles to design the poolside paradise of your dreams and transform your backyard int a beautiful swimmer’s retreat.


For the ultimate in tranquility, let your poolside design flow an blend with its natural surroundings. An oblong pool surrounded by slate tile or composite wood decking creates an organic feel that complements any greenery. Line the yards perimeter with a natural hedge, or plant flowering shrubs and vines along the fence. Plenty of foliage and landscaping in your poolside garden design keeps the space secluded, not to mention beautiful.

Organic Pool Design


Perfect for tropical climates, this poolside landscaping style is all about richness and ambiance. Utilize tranquil water features and diffused lighting to turn your pool into a serene space. Landscape with lush grasses in deep greens, complemented by mulch or dark stones. Slate, bluestone, or a cool-toned porcelain tile are perfect hardscaping options for a lush look.

Lush Pool Design
Lush Pool Design


Pale neutral tiles made of limestone or travertine provide an exceptionally clean look against the deep blue waters of your pool. You can also choose a light-colored porcelain tile to add contrast and a sleek style. Opt for subdued, simple landscaping and a manicured lawn.

Clean Pool Design
Clean Pool Design


For a unique, textured look, it’s all about adding character. Mix and match your deck and patio materials. Redwood decking against natural slate tile or brick pavers looks striking. Use stack tile or mosaics for extra flair. Create a hardscape with natural stone to relish its chiseled surfaces and variegated, one-of-a-kind coloring. Complete the aesthetic by adding rock walls, boulders, and waterfall features to your pool area.

Mexican Noce Tumbled Versailles
Arizona Tile Mexican Noce Tumbled Versailles Pattern Travertine


Take the traditional up a notch. Create a simple yet stylish poolside escape with travertine pavers and a matching pool deck in subtle tan hues. Surround it all with a white picket fence lined with shaped boxwoods or stately arborvitaes.

Traditional Pool
Traditional Pool

Which landscaping style is your favorite? Try our Just Imagine Visualizer to see how our products can help enhance your patio! Insert different materials to see how you can achieve the patio of your dreams.

clean pool lush pool clean pool

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