Featured Image: Arizona Tile Massangis Aged Romain Pattern French Limestone

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate your patio this year. Here are a few outdoor flooring design tips for creating a truly beautiful outdoor space around your fire pit, patio, or exterior fireplace.

1. Make it comfortable

For a patio or fire pit that’s certain to be well-used, add design elements and decor that keeps things cozy. Plenty of plush cushions and outdoor pillows make seating feel inviting. Large, comfortable chairs provide a place for guests to kick back and relax. An oversized outdoor rug is a great way to spruce up a concrete patio while making it more palatable for bare feet.

Arizona Tile Quarry Colonial Beige

2. Use weather-resistant materials

When choosing the materials for your fire pit and patio decor, always take weather resistance into account. This is especially important if you live in a very sunny or particularly rainy climate. Use waterproof, UV-resistant fabrics for chair and bench cushions. Choose stones, tiles, and tabletop materials capable of holding up to the ravages of weather, such as porcelain tile

3. Try natural stone for a warm touch

Create a luxurious, Craftsman-style patio by choosing rough-cut natural stone tiles for an inviting outdoor patio design. The organic appearance of warm grays, tans, reds, and golds creates a seamless look against both beautiful landscaping and stylish outdoor kitchen appliances. Cozy flames in a fire pit look perfectly natural amidst the pure hues of quartzite or outdoor porcelain tile. 

Arizona Tile Massangis Aged Romain Pattern French Limestone

4. Exude style with a monochromatic look

For a polished appearance that pairs well with a stainless steel outdoor kitchen setup or a sleek tiled fire pit, choose design elements and accents in a monochromatic palette. Cool whites and grays are stylish and modern- the perfect complement to a contemporary patio design.

5. Accent with plenty of greenery

No patio is complete without some living decor. Oversized clay pots, barrels, or pails lend a rustic look to your patio design. Fill them with lush, easy-to-maintain ferns, bright flowers, and elegant arborvitaes to complement your outdoor furniture. Surround your patio and fire pit area with beautiful landscaping featuring those same plants, to tie your decor in to the yard as a whole. 

Arizona Tile Cementine Posa 3 Porcelain Tile

6. Add a touch of flair

Surround your fire pit with a striking mosaic tile design. Create a unique couch-like stone bench around the fire pit for a fun spin on traditional seating. Design a rectangular fire pit encased in polished stone for a bit of modern flair. For a bold statement, consider installing a large pergola made of bright cedar. 

Try using our Just Imagine Visualizer to see how different materials can update your outdoor space and create an area you’d be happy to spend time in all summer long!



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