Arizona Tile Showroom Showcase: San Diego, California

Posted on Aug 31, 2013
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Featured Image: San Diego Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Showroom

Genoveva Valenzuela, the store manager at our San Diego location shares a bit about what makes her store special, the designs that are trending in their area and how the staff at Arizona Tile San Diego goes above and beyond for their customers every time.

Tell us a little bit about your Arizona Tile branch and what sets you apart from other tile stores in your area.

Arizona Tile Showroom in San Diego

Our customer service is exceptional! Starting with the showroom consultants’ design expertise, the friendly professionalism of our order desk, and the hardworking warehouse crew, we strive to make our customers’ experience a positive one from the moment they come into our showroom to when they pick up their tile order. Another major thing that sets us apart is that we are the original location for Arizona Tile. This is where it all started! Customers come and tell us their stories of how they purchased their tile 35+ years ago. The fact that we’ve been here for over 35 years instills a sense of confidence in our customers because they are purchasing from a reputable and solid company.

What type of product trends have you noticed lately within your area?

We have seen a big demand for the wood looking tile, limestones in large rectangular formats, thinner and longer planks like 8×32, 4×16, 2×12.We have noticed an increased demand for metal looking floor tile (like our Alloy series). Customers also are asking for larger glass tiles, smaller pebbles for shower floors in medium brown/grey/taupe colors. The Samsung Radianz Quartz is becoming very popular and we get asked for more colors and a more natural stone look with movement (like marble or granite). We get requests for lighter and solid colors of slate.

Arizona Tile San Diego Showroom

What kind of special orders does your store see? More slab or tile? What kind – porcelain, marble, granite, limestone?

Our location sells DSA and American Universal which makes up a small percentage of our sales. We get requests for onyx tile, marble in honed finish in larger formats. We also get requests for slate/quartzite Versailles patterns, Montauk Black in a large rectangular format.

Has anyone in your store received an excellent customer service recommendation from any customers?

Yes, we recently received this email from a customer regarding our Assistant Branch Manager, Gilbert Flores:

I’m very impressed with the level of service I received from Gilbert today. More often then not, I feel employees are condescending, short, and rushed with me, particularly at construction suppliers. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a big spender or I’m not a contractor. Gilbert did not fit any of the stereotypes I’ve come to expect. He didn’t just provide an acceptable level of service. If that were the case, I would not write this email. He offered solutions, made suggestions, provided his opinion, displayed patience, and was kind. And, he hiked up and down the stairs several times to get samples (that he suggested we look at to get the look right!!!). Please pass along my thanks to Gilbert. Thanks again.

Do you have any customer success pictures of before and after we can share?

This was a project that Julie Hamann worked on; unfortunately we do not have before pictures. This installation included our Marmol Venatino Porcelain, Soh Cloud Glass, Cebu Moka Porcelain, and Metalwood Argento Porcelain.

Next time you’re in San Diego, California – be sure to stop in at Arizona Tile and let our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff help you design and find the tile style which fits your lifestyle, and your budget.

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