Backsplashes that Make a Splash!

Posted on Jun 29, 2013
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Featured Image Above:  Stainless Steel Mineral Mosaic Tiles

Is your kitchen looking drab? Or maybe just missing something? Often times we spend all of our time thinking about cabinets, appliances, walls and floors – your kitchen looks good, but it is missing that WOW Factor that really sets your look apart and gets noticed.

We have a solution that is easy to install, quick to do and can be inexpensive, especially if you are handy. We are talking about backsplashes today and depending upon how big your kitchen is, you can complete this project over a weekend. How is that for fast and easy?

Natural Stone Tile

If you like the look of natural stone, you have lots of options here. Our Golden Gate Quartzite is neutral in color and has a unique texture. As a quartzite product, it will not rust like some other natural stone tiles, so it can be used near sinks without oxidizing. This tile can even be used in both traditional and modern spaces.

If you are looking for the perfect backsplash in a traditional or Tuscan inspired kitchen, look no further than our Giallo Antico marble quarried in Italy. Shown here with an Emperador Dark Marble inlay, this backsplash packs a lot of wow into a few small square feet of space.

Glass Tile

Nothing adds sparkle and drama more than glass tile. At Arizona Tile we have many different options for glass tile in tons of colors. You can even design your own mosaic using our Custom Blend tool.

Imagine hand picking the exact colors that will go with your décor to create a one-of-a-kind tile mosaic that will be yours alone. Our Watercolors glass tile features a narrow tile mosaic that is really unique. Used in a small area or across an entire wall of cabinets, it adds a shine to your backsplash.

Metal Tile

Metal tiles are hot, hot, hot in design! A small dash of metallic tile in your kitchen can pick up the color of your appliances or simply add a bit of shine to your space. Available in Stainless Steel and Copper, our Mineral Mosaic Tiles [featured image above] offer just the right metallic accent to your wall, especially when using the subway tile inspired staggered rectangle.

Don’t underestimate the power of tile used behind your stove or sink for adding that pop that your kitchen needs. Whether you use it simply behind your stove or under all of your cabinets, it can be as simple or extravagant as you like – but it will definitely get noticed!

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