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If you’re thinking about creating a more modern look in your kitchen or bathroom, consider using waterfall edges for your counters. With a “waterfall” design, the countertop comes out to the edge of the cabinetry, but continues down the side of the cabinet and extends all the way to the floor.

Waterfall countertop edges create a super sleek looking countertop edging and allow the color and pattern of the tile to become the center of attention. They’re a great way to make a statement without doing anything too drastic or outside of your comfort zone.

Stunningly Contemporary

Many waterfall countertop edges that are used in designs with a primarily contemporary style feature a white marble or white quartz. A waterfall design is especially suited to marble as it wonderfully showcases the beautiful veining present in this natural stone.

A few fantastic ways to incorporate a bathroom or kitchen waterfall edge into a contemporary design include:

  • An island with a waterfall edge made with marble or quartz. This results in a clean and pristine look that serves as a gorgeous kitchen focal point.
  • A breakfast bar or island with a waterfall countertop edge that’s made with a different finish than the rest of the kitchen counters. This is another great way to create an attractive standout in a kitchen.
  • In a bathroom, a waterfall can make a visually appealing statement while simultaneously serving the practical purpose of covering and protecting cabinetry from splashes.
Arizona Tile Calacatta Gold Marble and Jura Grey Limestone

Traditional and Modern Blends

If you thought this stylish design was only suited for completely contemporary spaces, it isn’t! As a matter of fact, the serene and clean look a waterfall edge brings to a kitchen or bathroom counter can be the perfect way to bring some modern flair to more traditional decor like a white subway tile backsplash.


Traditional and Modern Blend Kitchen with Waterfall Edge


Granite Countertop with Waterfall Edge

Another way to incorporate a waterfall edge and still keep a more rustic feel to your space is to choose a granite countertop with earth tones, rather than going with a white marble or quartz.

Whether you use a waterfall edge to add character to a full-fledged modern style, or combine it with some more traditional design aspects, you’re sure to love the timeless appeal and fresh look that’s created.

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