Bullnose Countertop Edge Options

Posted on Apr 5, 2024
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Volcano Granite Basement Wet Bar with Half Bullnose Edge from Arizona Tile
Image: Volcano Granite Basement Wet Bar with Half Bullnose Edge from Arizona Tile

Sometimes a design element is more aesthetically driven than it is functional, though understanding its benefit is important as well. For example, when choosing a style for your countertop edges, there are factors to consider beyond just visual appeal. A popular style of countertop edge that checks both of those boxes is bullnose. Bullnose comes in several options: full bullnose, half bullnose, demi bullnose, double bullnose, and cove bullnose.

While aesthetics is likely the primary consideration here, having a rounded countertop edge vs. a sharper edge may hold other benefits depending on the venue. For example, bullnose is great if you have young children running around, are worried about possible chipping of your countertop edges, or want a look that pairs well with any style: traditional, modern, contemporary, or minimalistic.

Bullnose Countertop Edge Style

Whether it be in a kitchen, a bathroom, a bar, or an outdoor hosting area, there are a plethora of countertop edge types to consider. Selecting the most aesthetically pleasing edge will enhance the finished look of your countertop. Popular choices include ogee, flat ogee, beveled, flat sharp, and rounded. Some edge styles fit more with trends, while others are more versatile, like bullnose and its different variations.

Bullnose Countertop Edge StylesImage: Bullnose Countertop Edge Styles

Bullnose edge styles range from fully rounded to partially rounded to a cove-like design, which can address many style preferences. Full bullnose edges are completely rounded and good for homes with little ones running around. If a head gets bumped, the rounded edge can help prevent a more severe encounter, like if the edges were that of a square profile, which is squared off at both the top and bottom.

Full-Bullnose Countertop Edge StyleImage: Full-Bullnose Countertop Edge Style

Also, with defined edge profiles, if chips occur, they may be easier to see.  Though countertop materials are incredibly hard and durable, if you accidentally hit a pot or pan onto the edge while setting it on the counter, for example, you may find yourself with a nice little chip. A rounded edge eliminates this semi-fragile area, the point, if you will, so a hard hit to the edge may have less of an impact.

Half Bullnose Countertop Edge ShapesDemi Bullnose Countertop Edge Shapes
Image: Half Bullnose & Demi Bullnose Countertop Edge Shapes

Perhaps you cook a lot or enjoy large gatherings around a kitchen island, or you’re opening a restaurant/bar and want a comfortable place for your patrons to gather. These are other scenarios where rounded-edge countertops may add comfort value. If your guests are leaning against this surface for a period of time, the softness of the edge will not press into their body the same way a defined edge may. Plus, depending on your desired look, a full-rounded edge isn’t necessary. Half bullnose or demi bullnose countertop edges offer defined roundness at the top, but of a varying degree, and a slightly rounded edge at the bottom to provide the same safety and comfort with a different look.

Double Bullnose Countertop Edge StylesCove Bullnose Countertop Edge Styles
Image: Double Bullnose & Cove Bullnose Countertop Edge Styles

Other options for bullnose are a little more detailed, like double bullnose and cove bullnose. These options are not as streamlined as other options but can often be customized. Double bullnose and cove bullnose edge profiles add a decorative look that may pair best with your design scheme. When adding detail like this, however, it may to best to do it in a large, open space. Too much detail in a small room may overwhelm the aesthetics of the space.

Pronounced Countertop Edge

On the flip side, you may desire a countertop with defined edges, like squared or eased. A square profile lacks any roundness and offers 90-degree angles on both the top and bottom edges. Eased is similar but with very slight roundness on the edges. Both profiles provide a sleek, modern appearance that can work well with designs throughout the home.

Mont Blanc Quartzite Kitchen Countertop with Eased Edge from Arizona Tile
Image: Mont Blanc Quartzite Kitchen Countertop with Eased Edge from Arizona Tile

When trying to decide on this edge or rounded, think if you’re designing a small space or a high-traffic area, a rounded edge profile will create a safer environment. A defined countertop edge (see below image) can create unpleasant passing when everyone is in a rush and scrambling through the kitchen to get out of the house in the morning. A delicate roundness is easier to brush by on the mad dash out of the door. The sleek look is stunning, but other considerations, like this, should be considered before making your final decision.

Eased & Squared Countertop Edge StylesImage: Eased & Squared Countertop Edge Styles

Styles and Stone

With natural stone countertops (or stone-like countertops such as quartz)—granite, marble, and quartzite—your preferred countertop edge profile is likely possible. Depending on the edge design, the countertop thickness (2 cm or 3 cm standard), and the hardness of the stone, the cost of fabricating the edges likely will fluctuate.

Arabescato Marble Bathroom Countertop with Ogee Cut Edge from Arizona Tile
Image: Arabescato Marble Bathroom Countertop with Ogee Cut Edge from Arizona Tile

A few stone options to consider are: Brilliant Black—a stunning, deep black quartzite; Mont Blanc—a refreshing creamy white stone that resembles marble; Volcano—a unique and dramatic black granite with shiny flecks and radiant veining; and Arabescato Como—a quartz made to resemble marble with its grey, sweeping veins across a crisp white backdrop.

Brilliant Black Quartzite Bathroom Countertop with Erased Edge from Arizona Tile
Image: Brilliant Black Quartzite Bathroom Countertop with Erased Edge from Arizona Tile

Additionally, these two other blogs may help you on your countertop edge style design journey: Which Countertop Edge Styles Suite A Room Type? and Matching Tile To Countertop Edges.

While an aesthetic approach holds so much value, practicality in design is important as well. With design tips and helpful ideas, Arizona Tile wants to help you make the best choice for all of your projects—residential and commercial. Once you’ve found some slabs you like, use our Just Imagine – Tile and Slab Visualizer to get a better idea of what your favorite selections may look like. But we also highly encourage visiting an Arizona Tile store or slab yard to evaluate your favorites in their full glory. If you have questions for us along the way, our helpful and knowledgeable staff are happy to help!

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