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As the economy becomes more stable, commercial building design is on an uphill climb. According to the recently published white paper by Construction Management Resource (CMR) covering 2012 Design Trends in Commercial Business, there’s a movement toward constructing mixed-use buildings that require design elements that appeal to residents, businesses, and clientele. The newest trends in design are earth-focused, including sustainability and earthy color schemes.

Commercial Color Trends

So what are the interior design colors popular in 2012? CMR states that “soft blues, icy grays and subdued earthy hues including terracotta and maize yellow” are the colors most frequently chosen by commercial interior designers today.  Below are some of our favorite products in these colors – natural stone chosen specifically for commercial applications. (To easily find all of our natural stone building products by color, enter your criteria into our Product Finder.)


Looking for blue stone for an elegant look and calming effect? Check out Azul Bahia. This blue granite from Brazil contains veins of color and hues of green that immediately provide a professional look to any commercial surface. Marte Azul Bahia is another blue option and is a porcelain tile. Casalgrande Padana Marte is specifically designed for commercial applications and can be used for dry, wet, or humid spaces.

Icy Grays

What is more icy than glass? Skylights Glass is an excellent choice for wall accents, backsplashes and partitions. Skylights glass is made from heavy-duty construction grade-glass which can withstand the heavy traffic of a commercial building. We have Skylights glass available in multiple shades of solid and patterned gray.

Earth Slate

Aptly named, Terracotta Ony is a striking choice for vanities, countertops, sinks, and ledges in commercial and mixed-use applications. Its unique patterns will create a one-of-a-kind, earthy ambiance to any room. Earth Slate combines shades of blue and terracotta, that when stacked, create a professional, yet earthy feel to an interior space. Earth Slate is dense and can even be used in wet or humid areas.

For more recommendations and design ideas for 2012 commercial or residential projects, just call or visit one of our showrooms. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to review your plans and share ideas!

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