Cut-to-Size Program

Posted on Nov 15, 2014
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Have you ever wished that custom cut products were more affordable? We did too. Creating a custom designed floor layout in natural stone is either very basic or very expensive. Color and stone choice, as well as sizes, are often limited in the pre-fab natural stone or quartz vanities. And for some, creating custom projects can be cost prohibitive. We asked our General Manager of Stone, Roy Kunihiro, about the Cut-to-Size program. The Cut-to-Size program includes these terms such as: pre-fab (pre-fabricated), vanity tops, etc.

The program consists of custom-made stone and quartz products, typically countertops and vanity tops.  However, it can also include monuments, cladding, etc.  Some of the benefits of the cut-to-size program are: low labor costs, quicker installations (the stone is already cut/fabricated and only has to be installed), and no waste (at a fabricator’s or on the job site for the same reason stated previously: this is truly a ready-to-install product, not a raw piece of stone). That is why we created the Cut-To-Size program. This program is not only perfect for large commercial projects like restaurants and retirement communities. It is also ideal for smaller projects like apartment complexes and custom homes. Gone are the days of limited selections of the same old designs everyone has. Affordable custom stone and quartz are now within reach.  Custom Floor Tiles Arizona Tile’s extensive and custom Cut-to-Size Program allows you to special order the natural stone or quartz you need for any project.

Plus, with our in-house expertise, your concept can easily become a reality. A sampling of the projects our capabilities extend to include: Bathroom vanities Blanks Columns Custom fireplaces Exterior cladding Special flooring projects Window surrounds Custom base and crown moldings  Custom Cut Floor Tiles Arizona Tile is now creating custom made products from a large assortment of stone and quartz slabs in a beautiful assortment of colors. The lead time is typically 8-10 weeks and your product arrives ready to install, so no waste!  Natural Stone Slab Samples Let’s say you want a new vanity, countertop or island counter. You simply choose the stone or quartz you like from our large selection of available choices. Next you choose the vanity design from over 800 different styles. It is that easy! The new vanity is delivered and ready to install. In addition to countertops and vanity tops, we also do custom cut floors, fireplace surrounds, monuments, exterior cladding and other design projects as well. We hope you are as excited as we are about our Cut-to-Size program! Ask your sales representative for more information. It’s time to start rethinking those design projects!

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