Glass Tile Creates Unique Fireplaces

Posted on Mar 15, 2014
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Featured Image: Shimmer and Watercolors Glass Tile Variations

A fireplace can be the charming focal point of a room or a complete eyesore. There certainly are plenty of fireplaces in between gorgeous and hideous, but it doesn’t feel like it when yours is closer to the latter of the two.

There are lots of easy ways that you can add a bit of glamour to an existing fireplace to give your room the wow factor it needs! Did you know that you can add tile to a fireplace surround? This is a great do it yourself project if you are handy, it can even be done over a weekend depending on the project.

Heat resistant tile comes in a variety of styles, colors and materials. You certainly can use ceramic or natural stone, but glass adds sparkle that will be the focus of your room. The glass tile is heat-resistant because the glass is fired in a kiln for 24 hours during the production process. Like a glass bottle, glass tile is heat and water resistant and perfect for a fireplace, pool or kitchen backsplash.

Our Shimmer Glass is a wonderfully unique product. It is hand-poured which results in a variation of color among the individual mosaic tiles and sometimes bubbles and creases form adding character to the tile. With up to 35% recycled content depending on color, this mosaic tile is an eco-friendly choice.

Shimmer Lagoon Glass Tile

For a slightly different look and tile shape, our Watercolors Glass is also a great option for a fireplace surround. With long, skinny pieces of glass rather than squares, this tile has a striated look that feels, perhaps a bit more masculine.

Watercolors Arbor Glass Tile

What do you think about using glass tile in a fireplace surround? The firelight will surely shimmer in the glass creating amazing ambiance and drama.

Pin your finished projects to Pinterest and put “@ArizonaTile – Tile Install” in the comment section so we can enjoy your creative handiwork too!

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