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Glass Tile Door Reflecting the Sun
Featured Image – Glass Tile Door Reflecting the Sun – Image Courtesy of Sliptalk via Pinterest

Glass tile beautifies any space, making this material more and more appealing to many homeowners. While glass tile is mostly seen in kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, as well as shower and tub walls, there are other great (and fun) ways to incorporate this gorgeous tile into your home.

Alternate Ideas for Glass Tile Designs

Although glass tile is certainly stunning in kitchens and bathrooms, there are other great uses for glass tile in your home, both inside and out. Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for Glass & Stone for tons of design ideas.

Luminescent Glass Tile from Spain's Vidrepur
Luminescent Glass Tile from Spain’s Vidrepur

1) Water Features

When used as an accent tile on the sides and bottoms of pools, glass tile can be used to create elaborate designs and enhance the look of the pool since it reflects light, resulting in a stunning effect. Due to this ability to reflect light in a way no other tile can, it’s also perfect for other water features including fountains.

Glass Tile Stack Stone Tile Indoor Water Feature
Glass Tile Stack Stone Tile Indoor Water Feature

2) Hearths

Believe it or not, glass tile is one of the most durable materials for a fireplace surround, not to mention a beautiful one. Glass tile perfectly captures and enlarges the light from the fire, providing the magical and cozy feel we associate with fireplaces. It’s also easy to clean – making it an even more appealing choice for a hearth.

Glass and Marble Feature for the Hearth
Glass and Marble Feature for the Hearth

3) Feature Walls

If you’re creating a kitchen or bathroom backsplash with glass tile, why not extend the tile across the entire wall? Or use it to create a feature wall in a family room or living room. Have you considered creating a WOW Wall in your bathroom?

Shower Glass Tile Feature Wall
Shower Glass Tile Feature Wall

Using Glass tile as a feature wall will create a truly eye-catching design that also serves to maximize natural light in any space. So, for your next project, think about using glass tile! It truly is versatile and has many uses beyond just backsplashes. And, with many color options available, you can create your own, custom glass blend with our Custom Blend program.

To discuss using glass tile in your home and see our beautiful glass tile selection, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

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