Featured Image: Subway White Glossy Ceramic Tile Kitchen Backsplash From Arizona Tile

Choosing the perfect backsplash for your kitchen can be tough—just like choosing the perfect countertops, cabinets or flooring. The backsplash will have a big visual impact on your kitchen design, but there are seemingly endless choices when it comes to backsplash tile designs and colors—where do you start?

If you’ve recently renovated your kitchen or you’re looking to replace an outdated backsplash, we’re here to help! Let’s make the backsplash shopping process a little easier with these tips, ideas and things to keep in mind.

#1. Focus on Mood

It’s tempting to zero in on one aspect of your kitchen that you’d like your backsplash to coordinate with—your countertops, for example. While you obviously want to choose a tile that complements your countertops, wall color, cabinets, etc., it may help to hone in on the mood of the space instead and start from there.

Do you want to choose a tile color and style that contributes to a mood of cheerfulness, sophistication or timelessness, for instance? Do you want your backsplash to give the kitchen an industrial, rustic or mid-century vibe? Start with questions like these to narrow down your options by their mood or personality.

Image: Marrakesh Color Glossy Mix Porcelain Kitchen Backsplash Tile From Arizona Tile

#2. Bold vs. Subtle

Do you want your backsplash to be the star of your kitchen? Or would you prefer a style that’s more subdued? This is one of the major things to think about when backsplash shopping—the right choice can elevate your kitchen and create a stunning look.

Image: Dunes Denim Leaves Mosaic Swatch Tile from Arizona Tile

If you like backsplashes that stand out, look for interesting patterns (such as Marrakesh), large-format tiles, unique shapes (like arabesque or leaf-shaped tiles), contrasting textures (like brick-look tile) and bold designs that bring contrast to your counters. If you want your backsplash to be more of a supporting role, start with colors that blend with your cabinets and/or countertops, and aim for simpler shapes and arrangements (you can’t go wrong with white subway tile).

Image: Castle Brick Grey Porcelain Tile Bathroom Backsplash From Arizona Tile

The main deciding factor here may depend on the boldness of your kitchen’s existing colors and patterns. For example, if you already have a countertop that features a busy pattern or lots of veining, a patterned backsplash tile may create an overwhelming look. But if your kitchen is feeling a little lifeless, a more visually interesting tile will add instant charm and personality.

Image: Shimmer Abalone Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#3. Get Samples

Sample tiles are a must when you’re trying to make the final decision about your backsplash tiles. Come see your favorite options in-store, and take home samples to see how the colors look against your countertops, cabinets and appliances. Whether you’re looking at ceramic tileglass tile, natural stone, metal or you can’t decide, seeing the tile in your kitchen lighting is the best way to know whether it’s right for you.

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