How to Create Cool Bathroom Color Schemes with Tile

Posted on Apr 5, 2018
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Featured Image: Shimmer Pearl Glass Mosaic Bathroom Tile From Arizona Tile

Cool colors, like blues, purples, grays and greens, tend to be calming, soothing and refreshing, so they’re a natural choice for relaxing spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. While warm colors can certainly be used in these spaces, cool tones are the more classic option. Let’s take a look at a few stylish bathroom color ideas for creating cool color schemes with tile.

Image: Reside Ash Porcelain Bathroom Tile From Arizona Tile

#1: Metallic Gray

A monochrome bathroom color palette in varying shades of gray with shiny metallic accents is the epitome of cool. Pair medium gray walls with a dark gray shower tile like Reside Black for a modern, sleek effect. Add metallic accent tile to create decorative borders; our Stainless Steel series, with several tile shapes to choose from, is perfect for the job. Other gray bathroom tile options include Vega and Varese, which emulate the look of concrete for an industrial touch.

Image: Shimmer Azul Glass Mosaic Bathroom Tile From Arizona Tile

#2: Beachy Hues

For a cool palette that still has plenty of style and character, aim for a seaside aesthetic by pairing blue with pale gray, seafoam green and a hint of sandy gray or beige. It’s a timeless bathroom color palette, so your tile options are practically endless. Shimmer glass tile is one favorite—it’s available in a multitude of beachy hues, making it a perfect choice for a cool, nautical look on bathroom walls or in the shower.

Image: Islandia Barbados Glass Bathroom Tile From Arizona Tile

#3: Chic Mint & White

Mint green and white make a perfect pair, for a bathroom that’s cool yet bright, elegant and on-trend. Echo a retro look with mint tile walls or a mint green shower—we like the refreshing hue of Islandia Glass Naxos. For a serene, spa-like aesthetic, include plenty of white surfaces to keep the design clean and light. Thassos White marble countertops.

Image: H-Line Denim Ceramic Bathroom Tile From Arizona Tile

#4: Modern Blue-Gray

Cool shades of blue-gray make for a relaxing, modern and casual bathroom color scheme. Paint the walls a trendy slate blue. For the shower, H-Line Denim subway tile is a beautiful choice. Accent this minimalist look with white and pale gray tones, and complete the room with a porcelain gray wood-look floor.

Image: Marrakesh Grey Glossy Mix Bathroom Tile From Arizona Tile

#5: Cool Character

Designing a cool, modern bathroom doesn’t mean your space has to lack character. Add personality by opting for decorative tiles in cool shades. From stack tile to geometric shapes to eye-catching patterns like Marrakesh Grey or Cementine Posa 4, there are plenty of striking ways to add character to a bathroom with cool hues.

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