How to Design a Home Spa in Your Bathroom

Posted on Sep 7, 2018
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Featured Image: Pietra Italia Black Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Tranquility. Luxury. Solitude. If you’re dreaming of a space where you can retreat and relax in your home, the bathroom is a perfect candidate. If a spa sounds like paradise to you, why not bring the serenity right into your own bathroom?

We’re not just talking about upgrading to plush towels and a waterfall shower head. Let’s look at some ways you can completely rethink your bathroom and transform it into an at-home spa worth enjoying at the end of a long day (or first thing in the morning).

Create an Airy, Serene Space

The number one thing that should always be on your mind when designing your home spa is to focus on creating an open and welcoming space. This means choosing high-quality materials that complement one another to create a perfectly welcoming spa-like ambiance. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve this:

Image: Essence Brown Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Floors from Arizona Tile
  • Wood-look floors. Porcelain wood-look tile floors are an ideal option for spa bathroom flooring since they’re stylish, natural-looking, durable and low-maintenance. The long, wide plank-style tiles help your bathroom feel roomier, too. Choose a tile with R11 Anti-Slip Finish to ensure your floors don’t get slippery—taking a fall after enjoying a nice bath is not exactly relaxing.
Image: White Ceramic Subway Bathroom Tile from Arizona Tile
  • Classic subway tile. Perfect for the walls or shower of your at-home spa, you can’t go wrong with the timeless look of ceramic subway tile.
Image: Manhattan Marble Tile Shower from Arizona Tile
  • Marble countertops. There is something special and breath-taking about marble countertops, especially in a white bathroom design. A beautiful white marble slab with gray, blue or gold-toned veining would look stunning in a tranquil space.

Choose Relaxing Colors

For a space that feels calming, light and airy, keep the room mostly white, with accent colors that are soft and serene, such as cream, seafoam green, tan, pale blue and lilac. Aim to maintain a balance of cool and warm tones to keep the palette from becoming too cold or overly bright. When in doubt, design an all-white bathroom and add warmth later on with décor and accents.

Keep Décor Simple & Natural

When your spa bathroom is installed and ready for finishing touches, choose your décor carefully. There are no rules to decorating a spa-like bathroom, except that you should choose a few items and accents that you love to look at. Avoid busy patterns, bright colors and too much detail. Keep it minimal and soothing to complement the tranquil space you’ve created. Here are a few ideas:

  • Potted plants. You can’t go wrong with the fresh and natural vibe that real plants give to a room. Choose simple pots to let the foliage shine. Air-purifying houseplants such as spider plants, peace lilies and palms are perfect options.
  • Wall art. Take some time to find a piece of artwork you find calming, and hang it above your bath tub so you have something beautiful to look at while you have a relaxing soak.
  • Wood accents. Wood shelves, towel bars and other functional décor contributes to a feeling of warmth and tends to complement most colors and design styles.
  • Luxe hardware. A home spa is the perfect place to splurge on a few luxurious accents and details like gold-toned or copper fixtures, cabinet pulls and framed mirrors.
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