How to Make Outdoor Game Boards Using Tile

Posted on Sep 10, 2016
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Outdoor Checkers
Featured Image: Outdoor Checkers

If board games are a favorite pastime in your household, why not take the fun outdoors this season? Warm summer evenings and breezy autumn days are perfect for enjoying a family game night on your backyard patio. Here are just a few ideas for creating your own life-size tile game boards for your favorite games:

Checkers or Chess

For those who love the classics, an outdoor checkers or chessboard is a versatile way to play. Use an 8’x8′ arrangement of alternating dark- and light -colored tiles to create the checker/chessboard. You can create a medium-sized board using 6″x6″ tiles, a large version using 12″x12″ tiles, or even a giant board with tiles measuring 18″ or 24″. Customize your board to the design of your patio to create something your family will love.

Slate Patio Chess Board
Slate Patio Chess Board

For a more natural look that blends with your patio decor, try creating a “discreet” game board with subtle tiles in two similar hues. Travertineporcelain tile or ceramic tiles are a few great options.

Finally, buy or make your own extra-large checkers or chess pieces to complete this fun outdoor game set.


If you’re a fan of the popular word game, bring some fun to the patio by installing a life-size version. You’ll need tile in five different tones: a primary color for most of the board, along with four subtly different tile colors for double and triple letter scores as well as double and triple word scores. AN outdoor Scrabble board works best when placed amidst plenty of seating options, such as benches or lounge chairs, so players can stay comfortable.

Tile Scrabble Board
Tile Scrabble Board

Finally, create letter tiles using wood with paint or adhesive lettering.

Tic Tac Toe

To create this simple childhood favorite, all you need is six tiles in any color and size. Make it whimsical by creating your own game pieces out of virtually any objects, or use wooden Xs and Os. If using concrete or slate tile, you can even write your Xs and Os with chalk.

Tile Tic Tac Toe Board with Objects
Tile Tic Tac Toe Board with Objects

The game board options don’t end there, either. If your kids like to play hopscotch, jacks and marbles or another popular game, it’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind tile board on your very own patio.

Check out our Arizona Tile Pinterest page for more ideas of how you can use tile!


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