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Featured Image: Quartz Frost Countertops From Arizona Tile

Whether your countertops are made of granite, marble, quartz, glass or another material, they’re far too beautiful to keep in the dark. The right lighting will help make your countertops a focal point of your kitchen or bathroom. We’ve rounded up some of the best lighting ideas to keep your countertops shining.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Installing lights under your upper cabinets is often essential in rooms that don’t receive a lot of natural light. If your kitchen feels too dim despite bright overheard lights, or if your countertops seem darker than they should be, small lights under the cabinets may be the perfect solution.

Typically available in the form of pucks (circular lights placed at intervals) or strips (which distribute the light more evenly), cabinet lights are perfect for bringing out the beauty of your countertops and brightening your backsplash at the same time. Under-cabinet lighting is an increasingly popular way to balance out a room’s light and help show off the true colors of countertops.

Image: Montclair White Marble Countertop From Arizona Tile

Kitchen Island Pendants

Pendant lights that hang above the kitchen island are a trendy way to light up your island countertops. Pictured here is our Montclair White Marble, but the style options are endless—from industrial-inspired to rustic and antique, pendants make a statement while bathing your countertop surfaces in ambient light. Metallic finishes are popular right now, including copper, iron and bronze.

Image: New Carrara Quartz Countertop From Arizona Tile

How to Choose the Perfect Lighting

When it comes to deciding on the perfect lighting fixtures and bulbs for your kitchen, aim for a style and color that complements and enhances your countertops. If you want your countertops to be the star of the room, avoid lighting that is too bold, busy or bright. Choose a fixture style that brings out the subtle coloring of your countertops—for instance, white marble-look countertops with gray veining tend to shine under lighting fixtures made of stainless steel or brushed nickel.

As for light bulbs, it’s best to test a few options before making a decision. The hue and intensity of your kitchen lighting can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your countertops. The best lighting for your kitchen will depend on factors like how much natural sunlight the room receives, the color of your walls and cabinets and, of course, the material and finish of your countertops.

Image: Blizzard Granite Countertops From Arizona Tile


White countertops will often look radiant under brighter lighting, while darker color schemes and materials like Blizzard Granite may benefit from softer lighting. Similarly, cool-toned lighting tends to complement more modern, minimalist décor, while warmer light often looks best with rustic or wood-centric designs. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a light bulb that illuminates your countertops without creating too much glare or distorting the natural color of the material.
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