Mosaic Tiles and Listelles: Adding Artwork to Your Home

Posted on Jul 6, 2013
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Featured Image Above: Skylights Glass Cottage Mélange Mosaic Tiles

When you think about accent tiles do you think about the amazingly ornate works of art found in the ancient churches of Italy? Or do the vibrant colors of Mexico conjure up images of tile grandeur? Do you fall in love with the modern glass tiles that you see featured in magazines?

Mosaic Tiles Span Across Styles, Time and Cultures

The beauty of mosaic tile is timeless.  It is no wonder that mosaics are currently a very popular choice in home design.  They have been popular for centuries and most likely for centuries to come.

Are you finding yourself admiring mosaics and wishing they were in your home? Before you get concerned about what is involved in creating mosaics, you don’t need to be an artist to add an artistic flair to your home. On the contrary! We carry mosaics that will fit any décor, are simple to install and will look good for years to come!

Traditional Old World to Trendy Modern Accents

If you want that touch of old world charm, our Caprice Café Listelle will add beauty to your home. This gorgeous flowing mosaic listelle is a combination of marble and limestone. It can be incorporated in backsplashes, bathrooms, inlaid into floors or even used as an accent on stairs.

If your home is more modern in style, you may want to add the sparkle and color that only glass mosaics can provide. Our Skylights Glass [featured image above] gives mosaics that modern edge that makes a statement.

Finally, if you want a rustic look, our Ciotolli Pebble mosaic is perfect for a more casual look. Made of river rocks, this tile is ideal for a floor, makes a lovely backsplash and is spectacular in a shower.

Mosaic Custom Blend Design Tool

Be sure to remember our custom design tool to try on your favorite colors, patterns and grout to design your own artwork!  Our complimentary Custom Blend Tool can create one-of-a-kind mosaics specifically to your style and your colors – ideally suited to your home.

Try the mosaic custom blend tool today! 

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