Natural Stone Walkways, Paths, and Features

Posted on Jul 4, 2015
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Featured Image:  Natural Ledge Stone – Quartzite Finished Slate

Natural stone adds an eye-catching and stylish effect to any outdoor area and, because of the high durability, these materials are especially suitable for use in walkways. Here are a few great styles to incorporate when creating a walkway, path, or design feature that beautifully complements your landscape design. Be sure to check out our Hardscapes Pinterest Board for design inspirations when creating your next project.


Slate looks lovely alone or when combined with other materials. Set slate tiles among white gravel for a clean look, or place them diagonally and frame with brick for a really unique walkway design. Slate is a naturally non-slip material, making it ideal for areas with wet walkways or paths.


Quartzite is especially striking when used to create a winding walkway that leads up to or surrounds a water feature. Since it often exhibits a rusty patina when exposed to water, it creates a unique look and style that looks great near a pool or pond.


limestone walkway provides a beautiful, natural transition between a front yard and backyard. It’s also a great choice for an elegant entryway that leads to the entrance of a home, a backyard garden or pool area. Whether used in conjunction with another material, or on its own, you can’t go wrong using any of these materials in a walkway. Use them in your design and you’ll have a wonderful addition to your outdoor space that provides a warm, welcoming feel. If you’d like to incorporate the beauty of natural stone tiles into a walkway design, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

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