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Featured Image: 10 Questions to Ask a Contractor Before Saying… “You’re Hired!”

Are you planning a construction project but feeling lost as to how you should go about finding the best contractor for the job? It can be really tempting to take the easy way out and go with the first contractor that you come across. But while it’s more time consuming and requires more effort to seek out multiple bids, it will always be well worth your while to do so – and many people will agree that three is the ideal number.

Why Three Bids are Ideal

By getting three bids, you’ll have just the right amount of information to establish a solid reference point from which to assess each contractor, enabling you to make an educated decision when selecting one. Getting only two bids won’t provide you with the amount of data that will give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision. And getting more than three bids can become overwhelming, confusing, and too difficult to manage. But it’s important to make sure that the three bids you get are all qualified ones. So do the work beforehand to research high quality home contractors and weed out those with less than stellar reputations. 

What to Look For When Comparing Bids

When getting a bid, you want a price that’s good, but also realistic. This is another good reason to get three bids – you won’t know if a price is too low, just right, or too high if you don’t have anything else to compare it to. And while price is certainly important, you shouldn’t solely base your decision on it. The reputation of the company, quality of materials it will be using, along with any warranties, guarantees, or insurance being offered, are other major factors to consider.

Choose the Best Fit For You

When you’ve done the work in advance to request bids from three highly qualified, comparable contractors – and provided each of them with a good list of project specifications – you’ll have a much better chance of receiving bids that come in reasonably close to one another. 

And this is the best situation to be in, as it allows you to choose the contractor who’s the best fit for you without worrying about whether the quality of work will suffer – you’ll be able to comfortably choose the one you have a ‘good feeling’ about and whose bid is best suited for your budget.

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