Patio Design Ideas with Natural Stone and Tile

Posted on Sep 5, 2015
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Featured Image: Two Tiered Patio built with Travertine from

Great Stone Tile Options for Patios

With so many beautiful tile options available, why settle for a cement patio surface? Patios can be surfaced with many different types of tile in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to design one that perfectly suits your style and needs. Decide on a tile you love and then get designing. Be sure to check out our Patios that Rock Pinterest Board for design ideas when starting this project. Below are five natural stone and tile ideas which naturally add beauty to your patio design.


Slate provides a solid, flat surface that outdoor furniture rests comfortably on. This is an important consideration when designing a patio that will primarily be used for outdoor entertaining and dining. Sitting on a wobbly chair isn’t very relaxing and eating off a table that’s on an uneven surface will frustrate even the most patient of us!

Wild Fire Slate Tile Natural Stone

Quarry Tile

Our Quarry Colonial Tile Series is an extremely durable clay tile that’s highly resistant to staining and is a great material for outdoor use. These tiles are usually found in just a few colors – most commonly red, and sometimes in brown and gray. The Mediterranean look provided by these rich, deep earth tones makes a lovely, visually appealing patio.

Quarry Colonial Red Tile


Rectified color body porcelain products that emulate natural wood, such as those in our Misingi Series, are a stunning patio design choice. You get the beauty of wood with the minimal maintenance of porcelain – a perfect combination!

Misingi Kiboto Porcelain


Limestone adds a natural texture and beauty to any project it’s used in. It’s available in gray, tan, brown, and red – all colors that blend well in any outdoor setting. Add these features to its high durability and you have a wonderful patio material.


Travertine, a type of limestone, can have small pits on its surface, which create an open texture. Those can be filled or unfilled and add to the stone’s character and charm. Such subtly unique features bring a natural elegance and welcoming warmth to any patio.

Troy Travertine

Regardless of how much space you have, and what your budget is, you can build a beautiful patio that you’ll look forward to relaxing and entertaining on for many years!

To discuss patio design options for your home, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants at any our beautiful showrooms.

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