Product Profile: Soh Glass / Stone Stack Series

Posted on Feb 22, 2013
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One of our most recent additions to the Arizona Tile collection is the Soh Glass/Stone Stack series. Perfect for today’s transitional and contemporary interior designs, the Soh series produces a clean, classy look when used for backsplashes, vanities, walls, fireplaces and showers.

What is the Soh Series?

The Soh stack integrates pieces of construction-grade glass with honed and polished natural stone. The pieces are artistically stacked to create depth and dimension that is pleasing to the eye.  Available in seven introductory colors, Soh series coordinates with our other lines of glass and natural stone including granitelimestonemarble, slate and travertine.

Why do we love the Soh Series?

    • The glass pieces are made from 8mm high quality, heavy duty, construction-grade glass
    • Soh can be used for commercial or residential applications
    • The glass is hand painted with color pigments that are applied to one side of the glass sheets
    • After processing and firing, the color is fade-proof
  • The 11.5″x12.625″ mesh sheets make installation easy

How can I use the Soh Series in my next project?

Soh can be used in interior projects, most often used as a backsplash or incorporated into a shower or bath surround. Three of the seven selections can also be used in exterior projects. Soh is durable, so your project is only limited by your imagination.

Because Soh matches so well with almost any color and design style, changing out your current backsplash with the Soh series is a quick and convenient way to upgrade your kitchen or bath without redesigning the entire room.

For design ideas, visit an Arizona Tile showroom where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you incorporate Soh into your next project.

Refer to our Soh product sheet for specific installation instructions and more detail about the Soh Series.

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