What makes our Tempe, Arizona tile showroom and slab warehouse stand out from the competition? The Showroom Manager, Brenda Clark shares her secrets to success.

Tell us a little bit about your Arizona Tile branch and what sets you apart from other tile stores in your area.   

We have the most beautiful showroom that provides a warm, inviting atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. A customer can come in anytime to get individual time and attention with a consultant. Our showroom consultants are very knowledgeable about products and design which enables them to offer useful suggestions, options, and samples for our customers’ projects. We use the Just Imagine visualizer to help pull their project together and give the customer an idea of what the finished area will look like.

What type of product trends have you noticed lately within your area?

Granite, marble and quartz are the products that we see customers choosing for countertops.  Flooring trends include travertine, travertine patterns and limestone. Porcelain wood tile such as the Over and Misingi series and 12×24 contemporary tiles are becoming more popular this year. The Regis series is also a porcelain that we sample and sell quite often.

Fashionable options for backsplash / decorative tile are Skylights and Watercolors glass. The H-line is a popular ceramic series that we are selling for showers, tub surrounds and backsplashes.

What kind of special orders does your store see? 

Special orders usually consist of stone tiles in sizes or colors that we do not stock. Slab colors that have been popular are Alpine, Glacial, Calacatta Quartz  and Coliseum.

We also have the ability to special order natural stone medallions and fireplaces.  Recently, we have had several special orders for Skylights glass.

Has anyone in your store received an excellent customer service recommendation from any customers?  

Yes! In addition to flattering reviews on Yelp and Google Plus, we recently received an email from one of our satisfied customers who had nice things to say about our customer service rep, Ty Tolbert.

“I was informed yesterday that it was time for me to select the granite that will be installed in my father’s kitchen.  I was able to make it down to AZ Tile last night after work, before stopping at the home site.

This email is to inform you and Primera that not only was AZ Tile an excellent source for the granite, but specifically, the customer service representative Ty Tolbert was most accommodating, professional, and understanding with my process of selecting the three slabs of granite that will be installed.

Ty was prompt, and informative, explaining every step of the selection process, including how he was planning on showcasing two different “lots” of the same granite.  He was also accommodating when I asked him to show me every other choice I had in the same K-Hov level that was selected prior.

Ty made the process not just painless, but actually enjoyable. It is to his example I feel everyone must aspire. I have already informed his manager of the wonderful experience I had at AZ Tile.

In addition to Ty’s “10 out of 10” AZ Tile’s entire staff was of the same caliber. From the initial call to ask that I come to select the stone, to interacting with each receptionist both at the front counter and the granite showroom counter where [they are] equally “10 out of 10.”

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