Spanish Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Posted on Mar 7, 2018
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Featured Image: Spanish Tile Inspired Kitchen Backsplash

A Spanish style kitchen offers old-world charm and a warm, rustic aesthetic that will bring your home to life. Whether you’re looking to create an authentic, antique look, a contemporary take or something in between, one essential component of a Spanish kitchen design is a stunning backsplash.

So if you’re planning an upcoming remodel, you’re probably looking for some inspiration. Let’s take a look at five Spanish tile backsplash ideas that would be perfect for your kitchen.

Image: Marrakesh Color Glossy Mix Tile Kitchen Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#1. Striking Decos

Decorative tiles are a popular choice for Spanish style kitchens, as they give the space a traditional look. They’re also a great way to add a touch of color or a bold pattern. Use a decorative tile across your whole backsplash or use it to create an accent border along a more neutral tile. Find your favorites from options like MarrakeshCementine or Seville.

Image: Castle Brick Porcelain Brick-look Tile from Arizona Tile

#2. Brick Look

The timeless look of brick can add a beautiful, antique feel to your kitchen. For a practical backsplash that captures the essence of real brick, a porcelain brick-look tile like Castle Brick is the answer. The rusty reds in your backsplash will be the perfect complement to a terra cotta floor or other traditional Spanish details in your kitchen.

Image: Quarry Tile Colonial Grey From Arizona Tile

#3. Terra Cotta Style

No tile shouts “Spanish style” more than terra cotta. The perfect rustic hue of clay tile like the Quarry Colonial Series helps your kitchen feel warm, inviting and authentic. Plus, larger backsplash tiles like these can make a stunning statement; install them diagonally for a dynamic look.

Image: Dome Walnut Tile Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#4. Rustic Mosaics

Mosaics are a classic choice for backsplashes in any kitchen. Even if you don’t want a backsplash with a busy pattern or very small tiles, there are plenty of mosaic options that suit the Spanish style. Our Dome porcelain collection, for example, features several rustic colors with the look of natural stone.

Image: Ankara Tumbled Stone Tile Kitchen Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#5. Textured Travertine

The natural look of travertine makes it a great choice for Spanish style kitchen backsplashes. Hexagon and Ankara Tumbled are two beautiful options that add a light, rustic look and a touch of texture to your kitchen. Perfect for a contemporary Spanish kitchen design, travertine is a good way to keep your color palette neutral without being boring or generic.

No matter which of these ideas has inspired you, a gorgeous backsplash can make all the difference in your Spanish style kitchen. To see how each of these tiles would look in your space, try out the Just Imagine visualizer.

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