Luxe Black & White Hexagon Porcelain Tile

Black and white subway wall tiles have become an icon in commercial décor and residential bathrooms built during the turn of the 20th century.  Made of glazed ceramic or porcelain and known for its thin grout lines and flat surface, each tile was traditionally a 3” x 6” rectangle. When covering the bottom portion of a wall, the tiles were bordered at the top with a tile molding the same color as the tile. Hexagonal mosaic patterns using subway tile were commonly found in commercial and residential bathroom floors at the time. Nearly all subway tile in the early 1900s was basic black or white.

Throughout the last 100 years, subway tile has become a symbol of the prosperity of the early 1920s, and many renovators use subways tiles to bring a home or commercial building built in the early 1900s back to its roots.

Subway Tile is Making a Comeback

Everything old is new again! Subway tile is very popular right now in residential and commercial design. Retro black and white subway tileis always a winner – Arizona Tile offers cream or white, glossy ceramic tile in 3” x 6” and 4” x 12” sizes. To complete the classic look, we offer a trim package that includes bead, beak, chair rail, SBN and DBN. A black accent flat liner bar will

Skylights Arctic Stag Joint, Rosso Fiorento Granite

provide just the right amount of contrast to the wall. Our Luxe Hexagonal Mosaics or Luxe Octagonal Mosaics, available in black, white, or a combination of the two, are a perfect complement to be used on a floor, backsplash or wall.

For an updated look, consider a modern spin on subway style tiles! 3” x 6” tiles are now available in an array of colors, shapes and materials. Glass tiles are gaining popularity. 3” x 6” clear or colored glass tiles add depth to the surface and complement a granite, marble or quartz floor or countertop.  Arizona Tile recommends the Skylights Glass line with 3” x 6” glass tile available in 14 colors, including shades of brown, blue, burgundy and green. . . and of course black and white.

H-line Nautilus

Our H-line ceramic tile series is a glossy ceramic wall tile that’s available in seven colors, two finishes, to match any décor. When placed horizontally, it’s immediately reminiscent of classic subway tile. When arranged vertically, it creates a stunning effect – adding class and the illusion of height to any room. The H-line also has a trim set available that includes pencil bullnose, bead, beak and chair rail pieces.

Want to quickly view our stock of subway tiles? Go to our product finder and choose 3” x 6” for the Tile Size.  Browse the selections to see tile colors and gallery photos of projects that were inspired by a 1920s icon. Whether you are decorating with a classic or modern flair, you can be confident that subway tiles are always in style!

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