Subway Tiles – More Than Basic White

Posted on Nov 15, 2017
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Bevel Subway Black Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Bevel Subway Black Tile from Arizona Tile

When it comes to choosing the perfect tile for your kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners opt for the timeless, versatile, still-popular look of subway tile. When you think of subway tile, you’re probably imagining the traditional, gleaming white subway tile that dates back to the 1900s. While white is certainly a beautiful option, subway tile comes in a vast range of color—and even different patterns—that each can add distinctive character to your space. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite subway tile looks to inspire your next tile project.

The Beveled Look

For a subtle addition of detail, Bevel Subway tile is a charming option available in several stunning colors. The deeper bevels of this series give each tile more depth and a charming texture. Whether you prefer the classic cotton white or striking black, this glossy subway tile variety is a stylish choice.

You can also get a beveled subway tile look by choosing a grout color that’s different from the tile color. This will make each tile stand out, adding visual interest and giving your design a custom look.

Subway Cream Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Subway Cream Tile from Arizona Tile

Classic with a Twist

The traditional bond arrangement of subway tile gives your room a classic, subdued feel. To mix things up, you can also opt for a different pattern, such as a herringbone tile pattern, which adds instant style and personality. The Cream or White colors from our Subway Series are perfect for achieving the charm and elegance of this look. Other subway tile patterns include offset, running board, and basketweave. If you don’t want to go all-out with a striking pattern, a section or border of uniquely patterned tile provides a great accent for traditional subway tile on a wall, shower or backsplash.

Jumbo Hex Multicolored Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Jumbo Hex Multicolored Tile from Arizona Tile

A Geometric Touch

Geometric tiles are a trending look, offering a bold and modern way to spice up any tile design. Stylish tiles like our Jumbo Hex line give you limitless opportunities to add character to an otherwise basic design. Available in a range of colors, from Cotton and Alabaster to more modern choices, you can’t go wrong with a chic geometric look.

H-Line Denim Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: H-Line Denim Tile from Arizona Tile

Contemporary Colors

When you want to go beyond basic white, our H-Line series is the ideal choice. It features a stylish range of colors, so you’re sure to find one well-suited to your personal style or existing décor. From the cool and calm Denim to the warm gray of Pumice, these contemporary color choices—available in both glossy and matte finishes—will update your bathroom or kitchen in an instant.

Deep Black

If you’re aiming for a modern, high-contrast aesthetic in the space you’re remodeling, consider switching things up with black subway tile. Stunning and bold, black tile pairs beautifully with an industrial, minimalist or ultra-modern aesthetic. This option really pops when paired with bright white countertops or other white accents.

See the potential in your kitchen or bathroom with the Just Imagine Visualizer from Arizona Tile.

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