Featured Image: Swimming Pool Glass Tile Wall

When designing or resurfacing your pool, there are so many tile options to choose from. Tiled swimming pools are one of the best ways to highlight a favorite tile—you love how it looks in your house, so why not bring it outdoors? Whether you love the look of glass mosaics, natural stone, patterned porcelain or other surfaces, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect pool tile for your taste and budget.

Let’s take a look at some of the best—and most stylish—tiles to use in your swimming pool.

Image: Shimmer Glass Tile From Arizona Tile

1. Glass Mosaics

Beachy, iridescent glass mosaics are a timeless choice for pool designs, due to their sun-reflecting shine and, typically, ocean-inspired coloring. Intricate and striking, glass tiles like this Shimmer Glass Series work just as well for pool use as they do for kitchen backsplashes or showers. Plus, the natural water resistance of glass makes it a practical choice for outdoor applications.

If you’re aiming for a custom look, glass mosaics are a classic option for creating a customized tile design in your swimming pool.

Image: Cementine Black & WhiteTile From Arizona Tile

2. Decorative Tile

Decorative pool tile is a popular choice, used to give your swimming pool design an intricate, patterned look. The Cementine Series can add an antiqued aesthetic, while our Cementine Black & White is perfect for those who love a geometric, mid-century modern style. Perfect for kitchens, living spaces and pools alike, patterned porcelain tile has a versatile appeal and charming vintage touch that adds real character to your design.

Image: Agora Porcelain Tile From Arizona Tile

3. Stone-Look Pool Tile

Natural stone is often used for pool decking and other outdoor applications, but it’s not the best choice for pool tile due to its porous nature and maintenance needs. If you’re a fan of the natural stone look, there are plenty of stone-look porcelain tiles available that can be used in your pool. Our marble-look Calcutta porcelain, for example, has the timeless appearance of real marble with the easy maintenance and weather resistance of durable porcelain. The Agora series also mimics the earthy look of travertine.

Image: Islandia Glass Tile From Arizona Tile

4. Subway Tile

Subway tile is popularly used throughout the home, especially in kitchen backsplash designs and bathroom applications. Islandia Glass, available in a range of coastal colors, makes an ideal tile choice for the pool. Whether you like the classic subway tile arrangement or something more unique like chevron, it’s a great way to transform your pool with a contemporary design.

No matter how you choose to design or resurface your pool, each of this tile ideas is a practical and beautiful way to get the job done. From glass mosaics to decorative porcelain and everything in between, there are plenty of options for creating a tiled swimming pool that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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