The New and Improved Just Imagine Visualizer

Posted on Jun 7, 2019
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Featured Image: The New Just Imagine Visualizer From Arizona Tile

What is Just Imagine?

The Just Imagine Visualizer is our unique tool for helping you plan the layout of a room with your favorite tile products before you buy. We know it can be difficult to imagine what your completed project will look like when you’re shopping for tile and slab for a renovation. But it doesn’t have to be!

This easy-to-use website lets you envision your ideas with preloaded, customizable images of interior and exterior spaces. In a few simple steps, the Just Imagine Visualizer can help you narrow down your product choices and plan the perfect tile project.

New Features

Here are just a few ways the new Just Imagine has been improved:

Image: New Photos added to the Just Imagine Visualizer for both commercial and residential customers, From Arizona Tile
  • New Photos: We’ve replaced the old pictures of room settings and installations with new photos, so you can enjoy fresh inspiration and design ideas.
  • Responsive Design: The previous version of Just Imagine worked on all devices but was designed to be viewed on a desktop screen, making it difficult to navigate on smartphones and tablets. The new version features a responsive design, which means it “responds” to the device you’re using and adjusts to fit that screen size. The new Just Imagine is so much more user-friendly on tablets and phones!
  • Full Screen View: The Just Imagine site and the photos you view on it are now displayed in full-screen mode, instead of a smaller window. This makes it easier to see every detail and use the site on devices with small screens.
Image: New viewing options for the Just Imagine Visualizer including Scene, Palette, and Line Drawing From Arizona Tile
  • New Viewing Options: The updated Just Imagine offers three different ways to view the photos you select and the products you apply. Choose from Scene, Palette and Live Drawing options to suit your needs and visualize your design in a range of ways.

The new and improved Just Imagine Visualizer is now live, so check it out! We hope you love the improvements we’ve made and look forward to hearing your feedback.


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