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Posted on Mar 29, 2014
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Featured Image: Glass and  Metal Mosaic Tiles

Metallic and glass tile have been around for a while but they have caught on in a BIG way this year. Shiny tiles Sparkle in 2014 and the good news is that there are oodles of ways to incorporate these beauties into your décor for some serious panache and wow factor.

Shimmer glass mosaics are hand-poured, resulting in the beautiful variation seen in each color, making each piece unique and adding a depth of color to the overall mosaic. Combined with other types of tile, you can create a focal wall or add just a bit of sparkle to your room as in this shower wall that combines Shimmer Abalone and Manhattan Marble Tile.

Shimmer Abalone Manhattan Glass Tile

Each type of glass tile is unique and you can see how Shimmer glass tile has a different look from the Reflections Glass tile used in this backsplash.

Reflections Coral Glass Tile

For more of a mosaic look, our Skylights Melange tile is the perfect choice.

Skylights Cosmopolitan Melange Glass Tile

Glass tile is also available in a Stack layout, which is a rectangular tile, for a unique look.

Another way to add sparkle and shine is through Metal tiles. Mineral Mosaics are a metal tile on a ceramic body that is available in copper and stainless steel.

Mineral Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile

What a great look when you combine our Soh Glass and Stone stack tile with an inlay of Mineral Mosaics as in this kitchen backsplash.

Soh Glass Stone Stack Mineral Metal Mosaics Backsplash

Using these luminescent tiles in a bathroom, kitchen or pool would be divine. But imagine what happens when you combine glass tile in a fireplace surround. Magic!

Before you get started, try out our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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