Tiles Inspired By Nature

Posted on Aug 30, 2014
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Featured Image: Reclaimed Wood Natural Looking Tile

What do you do when you want the look of wood near a pool or spa or even a marble or travertine in an busy entrance? Sometimes you want the look of wood or natural stone, but you simply can’t use that particular material because it is in a high-traffic location or because the upkeep is not practical. This can be especially true in commercial applications.Sandstone White Porcelain Tile

Digital Porcelain Can Be Your New Best Friend

In these situations porcelain can be your new best friend. Digital technology has made it possible to recreate the look of wood and stone on low-maintenance porcelain. It is the perfect solution to your high traffic and problem areas. Arizona Tile has so many products that are perfect when you want the look of a natural product, yet need the ease of a durable tile. Here are just a few of the products that recreate the look of wood and stone in porcelain. If you want soothing colors with a surprising gentle movement, look to our Sandstone series. This porcelain tile is perfect in a bathroom or even on countertops and backsplashes where you want a beautiful tile that is a more neutral backdrop to your space.

Want the WOW Factor, but also Want the Durability?

Club Series White Reclaimed Wood Porcelain Tile When you want wood but are looking for a very bold and striking appearance that will allow you to create unique patterns with your layout, consider our Club Series. The digital technology used takes the wood grain to an extreme in this tile that is available in four colors and two sizes. When you are looking for a tile with some movement that comes in many sizes and shapes, look to our WF Series. This product is made in Italy and comes in colors such as Niagara and Yosemite – even the names suggest the outdoors!WF Yosemite Porcelain Tiles       Find the look,design, and material that’s right for you and your project.  Try out your ideas with the Just Imagine tool to see how the Over Series could be the perfect match.  Today there are so many solutions to creating the look you want. Whether you are designing a bathroom in a hotel lobby or simply have a large dog that is scratching up your wood floor, porcelain tile is a hard tile where the color and pattern goes all the way through the tile. It can handle regular cleaning, lots of foot traffic and even pet nails. Stop in to your local Arizona Tile and ask to see the latest products that use digital print technology.

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