Top Bedroom Trends for Kids for 2019

Posted on Dec 27, 2018
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Featured Image: Aequa R-11 Slip-free Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Creating a bedroom your kids will love can be a fun project – and one you can do together (or not). From nursery to big kid bedrooms to bedrooms for teenagers, no matter how old the kid, there are fun and fresh bedroom trends for 2019 that will make everyone happy! Whether you’re looking for cheerful, playful, sophisticated or just something fun that your kid will love, here are our top 9 bedroom trends for kids bedrooms.

Unique Shelving

From using pallets on the walls for shoe storage, themed built-ins, painting crates festive colors and hanging them on a wall, to taking old skateboards and turning them into shelves or painting the wall with trees and adding shelves in place of the branches, nothing shows a child’s personality like creating a space that expresses their style.

Personalized Chandeliers (that don’t light up)

Depending on how old your child is, somewhere stored away is a collection of the artwork they’ve created for you over the years. Take favorite drawings and smaller art projects and turn them into a DIY chandelier displaying your child’s inner Picasso. You’ll love seeing it every time you walk in their room and they’ll love knowing how proud you are of them.

Image: Cementine Black and White Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Black and White

Go crisp, clean and uber trendy by turning your child’s bedroom into a fun and sophisticated black and white statement. Take it to new levels with ceramic tile – both black and white. The only problem is – you may never want to leave your kid’s bedroom!

Go White, Go Bright

Adults love white and kids love color. Combine everyone’s taste into a white bedroom that pops with color. You can also have one wall that stands out with a light and airy color. Choose accessories like lamps, shelves, rugs, books, bedding and storage that add pops of color.

Reach for New Heights

The ceiling – make the biggest, empty space in the room a focal point – and a conversation piece. Whether you paint it a fun design, wallpaper it, or come up with a fresh and unique idea that shows your child’s personality, decorated ceilings can give add bold brilliance to a kid’s bedroom.

Statement Area Rug

A bold rug can add character and energize a kid’s bedroom. It also makes for a great place to play. Depending on your child’s age, an area rug can play up their youthfulness or be a transition piece, adding a little sophistication as they grow older.

Image: Marrakesh Color Glossy Mix and Match Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Choose a primary color for your kid’s room and mix up patterns. Try striped walls and pair them with a fun decorative tile in the same color scheme. Changing up the look of your kids’ room with a mix of patterns and prints can make the space feel fun and personable, without making it look too overdone.

Modern Meets Vintage

Choose the colors your kids love and add vintage-style furniture to make the room feel new but oh, so cozy and comfortable. Adding vintage pieces to your kid’s bedroom will be both timeless and slightly rebellious.

Map Flooring

If you have younger children, turning their entire floor into a fun map can be fun, interactive and cognitive, while promoting make-believe play. Brighten your kid’s room while encouraging them to learn – fun and educational. Your child’s friends will always want to play at your house!

Make Room for Two

Do your kids share a bedroom? Depending on how old they are… they may want their own space and a little privacy. For privacy’s sake, one way to divide a shared bedroom is with a DIY pocket door or a sliding rustic barn door. Split the room in two and add a door that doesn’t open out to save space. If your children’s space is small, double up – choose beds that also serve as storage units.

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