Top Shower Tile Trends of 2018

Posted on Feb 14, 2018
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Featured Image: Bevel Subway Cotton Tile From Arizona Tile

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, that probably means you’ll be shopping for new tile to bring your shower up to date. With the multitude of tile designs, patterns, shapes, finishes and styles on the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose the best variety for your needs. From striking patterns to unique finishes and more, let’s take a look at some of the top shower tile trends for 2018.

Image: H-Line Pumice Ceramic Tile From Arizona Tile

#1. Nontraditional Subway Tiles

There’s more to subway tile than the traditional white rectangle design. From charcoal gray to beveled to hexagonal and more, there are plenty of nontraditional subway tile styles, patterns and colors to choose from. A contemporary way to make your shower something special, subway tile can be surprisingly fun. If you like the sound of that, try H-Line or Bevel Subway.

Image: Marrakesh Grey Mix Ceramic Tile From Turkey Available At Arizona Tile

#2. Decorative Tile

From patterned tile to unique tile arrangements, the geometric and decorative look is in this year—yes, even in bathrooms! Decorative patterns make a statement and help your bathroom tile stand out while staying on-trend. Choose a retro pattern for a vintage touch or opt for a dynamic tile arrangement like herringbone or basketweave. Try Cementine Black and White or Marrakesh.

Image: Regis Beige Porcelain Tile From Italy Available At Arizona Tile

#3. Matte Tiles

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be dominated by shiny, polished surfaces. Matte tiles are coming into style in 2018 for good reason: they have plenty of character and charm, and they can actually be easier to clean and maintain than polished tile. Matte finish tile is also an excellent choice for shower floors since it offers more traction than glossy tile when wet. Perfect for an understated, contemporary bathroom design or for homeowners who prefer a natural, soft look. Try: Varese.

Image: Glazed Brick White Series Ceramic Tile From Arizona Tile

#4. Brick-Look Wall Tile

Brick has a timeless look, beautiful texture and unmistakable style. What more could you ask for? With brick-look porcelain and ceramic tile, you can get the trendy look with added durability and minimal maintenance. The warm, classic aesthetic of a brick wall takes on a whole new spin when used in a contemporary walk-in shower.

Image: Strata Titanium Glass Tile From Arizona Tile

#5. Contrasting Tile Shapes & Textures

Whether it’s a penny round tile floor paired with subway tile walls, or a decorative porcelain pattern next to smooth marble slab, contrast gives your walk-in shower design a contemporary touch. Keep it subtle by choosing two different sizes or shapes of the same color tile, or add drama with boldly different materials. Try Luxe Hexagon & Themar or Stage & Strata.

To see what your walk-in shower could look like with Arizona Tile products, check out our Just Imagine Visualizer.

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