Featured Image: Themar Bianco Lasa Matte 12”x24” Tile Kitchen Backsplash From Arizona Tile

Whether you’re planning to make a simple upgrade like installing a new kitchen backsplash, or you’re considering something bigger like a complete bathroom renovation, tile is probably on your mind. Not only do you have to consider the type, color and price of your tile options, but there are other factors to dwell on, including size, shape, pattern and layout.

With all this on your mind, let’s check out some of the top trends in tile layouts and patterns so you can make a stylish statement in 2019.

Bigger is Better

Don’t be afraid to go big with your tile. If your floor is level enough to make large-format tiles a good option, embrace this trend. Large tiles are eye-catching, unique and sophisticated, helping give the illusion of an expansive, open space with a luxurious look. From 24×24” squares to wide faux-wood planks, there are plenty of ways to make a sizeable impact with your 2019 renovation or remodel.

Image: Varese Centere Hex Porcelain Tile Bathroom Floor From Arizona Tile

Geometric Shapes

Hex-shaped tiles and geometric patterns are maintaining their popularity this year. Designers and homeowners alike love the striking pattern of hexagonsoctagonsleaves, arabesque shapes and more. A geometric look instantly gives your space an inspired and unexpected style that is sure to earn compliments. (Pro Tip: Make an even trendier statement with large-format hex tiles that pack a double punch, like the stunning Verese 24×24”.)

Image: Savannah Sepia Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Living Room Floor From Arizona Tile

High-Variation Patterns

Tile colors and layouts that feature high variation (plenty of contrast) are on the rise this year. Think about making a visual impact with wood-look planks that vary from blond to dark, with a noticeable woodgrain pattern, to give your floors an authentic and rustic appearance.

Image: Chevron Grey Polished Limestone & Marble Meshed Tile From Arizona Tile

Herringbone & Chevron

If you’ve selected long, narrow tiles, such as porcelain planks, but aren’t sure how you want to arrange them, consider a herringbone or chevron pattern. Trendy and elegant, this pattern adds a dynamic aesthetic and elevates your favorite tile into something new and exciting.

Image: Themar Porcelain Tile Floor From Arizona Tile

Get creative by juxtaposing a herringbone tile layout alongside a traditional pattern. This install above, for example, features two varieties of Themar porcelain tile in contrasting shapes and colors, for a one-of-a-kind look perfect for a bathroom or entryway.

Whether you want to combine these trends to transform your space or just one of these ideas is calling to you, there’s no doubt 2019 will be an inspired year in tile design.

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