Use Blue Tile to Relax Your Space

Posted on Sep 9, 2022
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DSC_5603.webpImage: CS-Sky Blue Honed Large Lotus Marble Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile

Blue tile is a timeless choice for many rooms of the home. You may have noticed a rising trend of using tile in many shades of blue, from subtle blue-grey to bold and bright turquoise. Blue is a naturally relaxing color that can have a cool, calming effect in bathrooms, living spaces, bedrooms and more. Shades of blue are also used to bring to mind serene spaces in nature, including the sky and the sea.

It’s easy to use blue tile to relax your space and bring a soothing ambiance to any room. Let’s get inspired with the many styles and qualities of blue tile so you can use one of them in your next home renovation project.

Coastal Blue Backsplash

For a soft and chic look, a blue tile design with a coastal vibe is the way to go. Whether you’re looking to add coastal ambiance in a kitchen backsplash or bathroom, a light blue tile is the perfect choice. Go for a soft and natural style with CS – Sky Blue, a marble mosaic tile that features white, cool grey and blue tones. This beautiful natural stone is available in a range of shapes and styles to suit your design.

AZT-Scottsdale-Showroom-11.webpImage: Gioia Sky, Azure & Navy 4 x 16 Porcelain Kitchen Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Bold Blue Wall Tile

Using a colorful tile like blue tile is an excellent opportunity to go a little bolder with your design. Gioia porcelain wall tile series offers an amazing range of color options and a unique surface texture for a hand-made look. With five blue hues to choose from—Aqua, Azure, Navy, Sky and Turquoise—Gioia makes it easy to add your favorite shades of blue to any room. Whether you choose a single solid color or go even bolder with a mix-and-match look, this tile is the perfect way to bring trendy blues to your design.

amb19_cmyk.webpImage: Flash Light Blue Porcelain Tile Living Room Wall from Arizona Tile

Pastel Blue Tile

Pastel colors are coming back in style, bringing softer, lighter hues to walls, backsplashes and other areas. Light shades of blue, such as baby blue and aqua, are versatile enough to be used in essentially any room of the home, from bedrooms and living spaces to bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Try Flash Light Blue to get that perfect, chic pastel look in your space. This shade of blue can make any room feel open, calming and serene, and Flash ceramic tile offers a unique and glossy look for extra shine.

amb2_cmyk.webpImage: Flash Cobalt Ceramic Living Room Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Retro Blue Walls

Use a deep, rich blue tile to create a mid-century modern inspired space that’s right on trend. Flash Cobalt is the perfect hue for embracing a retro look with a modern twist. This gorgeous jewel-toned tile adds bold color to any space, and is available in two sizes to suit your style.

White-Pearl-Quartzite_3D-Wave_Cementine-Retro-1-2-.webpImage: Cementine Retro 1 Porcelain Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Patterned Blue Accent Tile

Patterned tile brings color, visual interest and plenty of charm to any space. On-trend blue porcelain tile like Cementine Retro can be used for a beautiful effect on walls, backsplashes, floors and more. This tile series offers several color and pattern choices, but Retro 1 features cool blue-grey tones mixed with white, charcoal and deep brown for a vintage feel.

Looking for more inspiration when it comes to blue tile? At Arizona Tile, our team of experts is available for a consultation to help you find what you’re looking for. Discover your favorite blue tile products in person at one of our locations, or explore our Just Imagine Visualizer to see how blue tile will look in your space before committing. Also check out our Online Slab Yard to find the piece you need at the location nearest you.

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