Wet Bar vs. Dry Bar: Tips for Having One in Your Home

Posted on Jan 31, 2019
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Emperador Light Marble Countertop and Backsplash Dry Bar from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Emperador Light Marble Countertop and Backsplash Dry Bar from Arizona Tile

When it comes to entertaining in your home, nothing says ready-to-party-sophistication like the must-have wet or dry bar. An in-home bar provides everyone a handy place to prepare drinks, without having to search your house for tools or ingredients. If you think it’s time to update your entertainment space with a wet or dry bar, but you’re not sure which one is better for you, read on… everything you need to know is right here.

Simply put… a sink. Before we go there, let’s talk dry bar. A dry bar is a piece of furniture or separate counter area built into a room, designed to hold everything you need for an in-home bar: bottles, barware, cocktail napkins and other accessories. A dry bar is usually counter-height, has plenty of work space and may include shelves, wine racks, cabinets and a mini-fridge.

A wet bar includes a sink with running water and a drain. This is ideal for an entertainment area outside of the kitchen. The drink prep area should be designed to prepare cocktails, contain spills and for clean-up of glasses and other accessories.

Blue Galaxy Granite Countertop & Bevel Pumice 4’x12’ Ceramic Backsplash Wet Bar
Image: Blue Galaxy Granite Countertop & Bevel Pumice 4’x12’ Ceramic Backsplash Wet Bar

Tips and Tricks for an In-Home Bar

Depending on where you want to entertain—indoors, outdoors, garage, man cave, she shed—one thing is for sure: an in-home bar is a perfect addition. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Outdoor Bar: With the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens, wet and dry bars have become a staple in many homes. For small spaces, you may just want to get creative and do a dry bar using a cart with wheels for easy storage. If you have a larger space and a wider budget, adding a sink, beverage and glassware storage, refrigerator and pendant lighting will really set the mood.

Churchill Soapstone Slab from Arizona Tile
Image: Churchill Soapstone Slab from Arizona Tile

Indoor Bar: Depending on your space, some fun ideas include a freestanding bar with seating, built-in corner bar with cabinets, pantry-turned-dry-bar, a bar cart, or more. If you have the space and budget, go for a bar and lounge area perhaps made with the durability of soapstone; a wet bar with appliances will really make a statement.

Garage Bar: When every room in your home is taken… it’s time for a garage bar. Start by choosing a theme – since your garage is its own separate entity, no worries about matching it with the rest of your home. Go rustic, vintage, urban-industrial. If you can, add plumbing for a wet bar and even a bathroom – your guests will never have to step inside your home!

Castle Brick Grey Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Castle Brick Grey Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Man Cave Bar: If you’re thinking pool table and kegs-as-stools, then you definitely want a man-cave wet bar. Throw in a little blacklight for the mood behind your castle brick-laden bar and you may never leave this space. Fun ideas to incorporate: faux cowhide area rug; jukebox; surround sound system.

She Shed Bar: Take your backyard retreat and turn it into an enviable hosting space. The ultimate place to enjoy a warm summer night is a backyard soiree in your she shed. Whether you’re thinking wine bar or full-on Cosmopolitan central, choosing a theme for your she shed bar is important. From beach tiki to black and white elegance, take your bar to the next level with a fun conversation-starting theme. If you have plumbing, a wet bar is a must! From there, think about lighting, patio space for seating, music… the ideas are never-ending.

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