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Featured Image: Quartz is a popular surface used by Arizona Tile customers in Tempe, Arizona

When it comes to tile trends, it’s easy to pick out the products and styles that are popular on a national level—including, for instance, wood-look tile, gray and white color schemes, marble countertops and larger-size tiles. While some of our store managers have noticed customers showing an interest in nationally popular products like these, you might be surprised by some of the regional differences in design trends.

While our customers in Denver, CO and at some of our California locations—Palm Desert, Roseville, Ontario and Livermore—seem to be in line with those trends, other regions have developed different tastes.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in some of our other Arizona Tile locations around the country.

Tile Trends in Arizona

  • Tempe, AZ: Granite is a frontrunner in Tempe, along with quartz, marble, travertine and glass. Customers in this area also frequently add flair to their tile designs with decos and listelles.

  • Scottsdale, AZ: Scottsdale customers have varied interests in porcelain, granite, quartz and marble slab. Travertine, glass and wood-look products are also gaining popularity.

  • Glendale, AZ: The manager of our Glendale location reports that area customers have a growing preference for textured tile and minimal grout lines. Decorative metallic tiles and black-and-white designs are also popular here.


  • Tucson, AZ: Customer favorites in the Tucson area include granite, quartz, marble, travertine and glass tile in neutral, natural colors. Hand-painted porcelain is also on trend.

  • Prescott, AZ: Homeowners around Prescott have an interest in the rustic contemporary and industrial rustic tile styles for their home projects.


Tile Trends In California

    • San Diego, CA: Our San Diego-area fans have taken a liking to contemporary and fabric-look designs, as well as stylish 3D tiles.
    • San Marcos, CA: Customers at our San Marcos location have shown great interest in large subway tile for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as tile looks that mimic concrete. In addition, black-and-white matte finish tile and smoky blue-gray colors are popular in this area.
    • Mission Viejo, CA: In Mission Viejo, customer favorites include hex and arabesque-cut tile, which give a modern yet whimsical look to any space.
    • Murrieta, CA: Our Murrieta store manager reports a trend for penny round and flat pebble tile textures, along with a mix of Santa Barbara and Spanish-style designs.

Tile Trends In Other Cities

  • Albuquerque, NM: Albuquerque-area trends include a variety of contemporary and traditional Southwest tile styles, including granite, travertine, listelles, medallions and realistic wood-textured tile.

  • Las Vegas, NV: White slab, glass tile and hex-shaped tiles are especially popular with our Las Vegas customers.

  • Austin, TX: Our Austin fans continue to opt for natural stone tile and slab, including classics like travertine and marble.

  • Salt Lake City, UT: Around Salt Lake City, customers fancy deco and wood-look tile, with fun geometric shapes and striking color schemes.

How do your favorite tile styles stack up to the trends in your area?
Design your ideal space with regional looks using the Just Design Visualizer from Arizona Tile.

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