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Featured Image:  Stainless Steel Mosaics from Arizona Tile

2015 is proving to be a year where we’re seeing several wonderful trends in tile design and use. Here are the most popular styles we’re seeing this year that will continue to be big throughout 2015.

Planks for Floors

Plank tile is a big trend for flooring this year. And we’re not just talking about one or two specific types of plank tiles. All sizes and looks of planks are in demand, from contemporary to traditional. Wood, fabric, modern, bamboo…if it’s plank, it’s in. For gorgeous looks like wood tile planks, see our Aequa SeriesClub Series and Savannah Series tiles. They will not disappoint!

Unique Tiles for Walls and Backsplashes

2015 walls and backsplashes are anything but boring! There are numerous attractive designs using tiles in unique sizes, shapes and patterns. Below are the tile trends we’re seeing over and over this year that promise to continue to be popular.

  • Large format tile in various organic shapes in both concrete and wood patterns.
  • Moroccan tiles, with their bold colors being highly utilized in accent décor, are making a comeback this year.
  • If it’s a pattern, it’s in style, with Chevron and Herringbone being at the top of the list. We’re seeing many uses of patterns on both stone and porcelain, including patterned accent tiles like those in our Cementine Series.
  • Geometric shapes, such as larger scale hexagons, are quickly becoming a much loved look for interior design projects.
  • Dimensional tile with stronger textures and fabric looks.
  • Metallic look tile, whether in stainless steel or mineral, continues to be in demand. Penny rounds in particular are hot in glass or color blends in metal or porcelain.
  • Subway tile has been a top tile look and continues to be in style this year. With its classic look, we don’t think subway will be going away anytime soon!

With all of these appealing styles comes a multitude of fun and creative uses for tile, whether in floors, walls, backsplashes or other projects. 2015 is certainly an exciting year for tile! To see the wide selection of tile and slab we have available, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants. They’ll be happy to help you decide on the perfect style for your interior design project.

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