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These unique runway looks from New York Fashion Week and other 2016 shows illustrate that fashion trends are closely intertwined with what’s popular in the design world. We chose some of our favorite tile designs to highlight with their runway fashion counterparts.

1. Calacatta Gold Vein Marble

This subtle yet luxurious marble slab variety from Italy reminds us of the delicate elegance of this glittering design featured in the Marchesa Fall 2016 Collection from New York Fashion Week. Calacatta Marble is a milky white with gray-gold veins and a polished finish, perfect as a clean choice for countertops, vanities, or tub surrounds.

Calacatta Gold Vein Marble
Calacatta Gold Vein Marble and Marchesa 2016 Collection

2. Vieux Monde French Limestone

This subtle French limestone tile is reminiscent of a stylish knit design by Michael Kors. Vieux Monde is a versatile flooring choice that brings a warm, Old World charm to any room with natural shades of ivory and taupe.

Vieux Monde French Limeston
Vieux Monde French Limestone and Michael Kors Design

3. Cementine Black & White Porcelain

Bold, eccentric patterns and geometric shapes are a runway hit as well as a fun choice in the home. Tommy Hilfiger brought something hip and high-contrast to the runway, while this similarly bold Cementine Black and White porcelain design can bring style to your floors and walls.

Cementine Black and White Porcelain
Cementine Black and White Porcelain and Tommy Hilfiger Design

4. Marrakesh Porcelain and Ceramic

Rodarte dazzled with this floral piece at New York Fashion Week, which featured bold shapes like the unique Marrakesh porcelain and ceramic tile mix. While Rodarte’s creation featured autumnal tones like mauve and ruby, our Marrakesh mix embellishes a backsplash, shower or floor with the complementary hues of sapphire and dark orange.

Marrakesh Color Mix Deco
Marrakesh Color Mix Deco and Rodarte Design

5. Shimmer Lagoon Glass

The glass mosaic from our Shimmer line calls to mind runway trends, like this Ralph Lauren creation, that pairs deep tones with shimmering gold and natural hues. For a stunning and stylish look, Shimmer Lagoon mosaic transforms a backsplash or shower into a trendy masterpiece.

Shimmer Lagoon Glass
Shimmer Lagoon Glass and Ralph Lauren Design

6. White Springs Granite

Alicja Tubilewics presented this delicate and shimmering creation at New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 – a design that reminds us of the intricate veining in White Springs granite slabs. Subtle hints of tan, pink, lilac and gold infuse both of these designs with life.

White Springs Granite
White Springs Granite and Alicja Tubilwics Design

Take inspiration from these high fashion designs to create a masterpiece in your next remodel. Try uploading an image of your space to Arizona Tile’s Just Imagine Visualizer to apply the products we’ve listed here, and see how your space will look inspired by our favorite fashion designs for fall.

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