4 Reasons You’ll Love Our New Line of Paloma Tile

Posted on May 29, 2020
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Paloma Alabaster Picket 3 x 12 Glossy Hex Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Paloma Alabaster Picket 3 x 12 Glossy Hex Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Looking to give your tiled space an update? For bathrooms, backsplashes, floors and more, Paloma is our new line of ceramic tile that offers a unique take on contemporary trends like hex tile and subway tile. With a variety of shapes, sizes and color options, Paloma brings elegant character and mid-century modern style to your space.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect tile for your bathroom, kitchen, living space or somewhere else, let’s take a look at some of the most stylish ways to use tile like Paloma in your home.

Image: New Paloma Cloud Picket & Cotton Glossy Picket 3 x 12 Ceramic Hex Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

1. Use More Than One Color or Shape

Paloma is a particularly versatile tile because it’s available in five unique shapes and seven chic neutral tones. If your space needs a facelift, consider a mix-and-match look for a contemporary style with plenty of contrast. The simplest way to do this is to pair two (or more) colors that complement each other and use them both in your design. From a simple alternating pattern to an interesting randomized look, contrasting tile colors will be eye-catching and on-trend.

For a more complex tile arrangement, you can even mix different Paloma tile shapes together in the same space. Contrasting textures and shapes, even in the same hue, will pack a visual punch. This can be as simple as using 4×16 tiles on one wall and long hex tiles on another wall to mix it up. Paloma is also available in 3×6, picket, rhomboid and bevel varieties, so it’s easy to be creative with this tile line.

Image: New Paloma Cotton Glossy Ceramic Hex Wall Tile From Arizona Tile

2. Pair Matte & Glossy Tiles Together

Another way to enhance a tile wall, backsplash or floor is to use a mix of glossy and matte ceramic tiles together. Paloma’s Alabaster and Cotton options are both available in matte and glossy finishes, so you can mix it up for a subtle difference in texture that helps each tile stand out.

Image: New Paloma Camel 4 x 16 Glossy Ceramic Shower Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

3. Design an Ombre Tile Effect

If your wall, shower or backsplash is in need of some added flair and personality, why not make it truly memorable? Ombre-style tile designs are a contemporary trend we love, and Paloma’s long hex shape is a perfect candidate for this modern look. All you need is three or more tile colors to arrange in a light-to-dark gradient on the wall.

Image: New Paloma Steel Long Hex 4 x 8 Glossy Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

For instance, start with Paloma Cotton at the top, work your way to a mid-tone like Paloma Denim and finish with the dark Paloma Steel at the bottom. This can create a striking and unique accent wall that’s sure to become the focal point of the room.

Image: New Paloma Cotton 4 x 16 Matte Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Tile from Arizona Tile

4. Go Beyond Subway Tile

If you love the classic style of a subway tile backsplash but want to add a little “something different,” there are plenty of ways to do so with Paloma. Go for a subway tile look with a twist when you use picket-shaped tiles instead of the traditional rectangles. Or add dimension and shine with a glossy beveled subway tile to make your backsplash stand out.

For more tile inspiration and to see your favorite Paloma designs in action from the comfort of your home, give our Just Imagine Visualizer tool a try.

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